April 17, 2019 sayulitablog 0Comment

I first discovered Sayulita about 25 years ago. I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and I have been coming to Sayulita all of my life. Back then, it wasn’t as popular as it is now, but it was and is still just as beautiful. My brother and I both love surfing, and we had been told that Sayulita had a great beach and excellent waves for surfers, so we decided to check it out. That is how we made our first trip to Sayulita and discovered its magic. Now I live in California and I visit Sayulita twice a year. I have traveled all around the area, from Vallarta to Compostela. I also camped with my family in Chacala, as well as visited Guayabitos, Las Peñita, and San Pancho. However, nothing can compare to Sayulita! I always look forward to my trips; there’s no way I would ever change my vacation to go somewhere else except Sayulita!

I love Sayulita because of the people, and because it is an amazing town that feels like it was made just for me! There is nothing like this beautiful village; I’m definitely a Sayulita lover! The town is made up of a lot of travelers and expatriates, which I love. The people are so warm, and I love how all the tourists and Americans enjoy trying to speak Spanish. When you walk around the town you hear all kinds of languages being spoken at once and in one place. Sayulita is just that type of place- it is an area that attracts and welcomes people from all around the world, which I find really unique and makes the experience of being there always interesting and diverse. All the people in Sayulita are very nice and friendly, more so than anywhere else I’ve traveled to, and why I always love to come back.  

Some of my favorite things in Sayulita revolve around food, people, and nature. My favorite dish to eat is at Don Pedro’s restaurant- the tuna, asparagus, and egg salad is so fresh and yummy! Also, my Huichol friend makes the most fantastic jewelry for me right by the plaza; all of the pieces are so detailed and always handmade with exceptional quality.. Also, I love to have my morning jogs right along the gorgeous beach, and then drink a fresh coconut water.

Currently, I’m in Highland Park, California. This place has changed a lot over the years, but in a way it sort of reminds me of Sayulita. New, diverse people are moving here very quickly, and it is becoming a more mixed and worldly place, like Sayulita feels to me. Although, nothing can compare to the real thing! I make my visits to Sayulita twice a year and always SO look forward to my trips, especially going to the Manzana de Coco coconut stand. The fruits grow inside the coconut when the coconut gets old, and the owner gets it for me every year. I can’t wait to go back!


*Written and submitted by: Sandra Hernandez