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Tranco’s Carniceria in Sayulita recently got a remodel, and along with that, an upgrade to the types of specialty items they carry in their store. Being a local family-run and family-owned business, Tranco’s Carniceria takes great care in the products they carry, as well as the service they provide to our community. 

I can say from my own personal experience shopping at Tranco’s, that it is clear that they take pride in the relationships they have with their customers. Every time I enter the store, I am greeted by name. It is not often that a business takes that much personal interest in their clients, and it definitely feels special. I talked with one of the owners, Lourdes, about what’s new in the store, and what customers can expect with the recent remodel.

How long has Tranco’s been around in Sayulita? 

The store turned 10 years old this June of 2019, and the name of “Tranco's” arises in honor of the father-in-law of the owner of our store who always said, "tranco", which in English means “stride”. 

How have you expanded the store and what changed with the remodel?

We decided to renovate our facilities to change some things in order to improve for our customers, as well as to give the store a modern touch. For example, we now have new finishes and better cooling machines, such as refrigerators, cabinets, and freezers to better accommodate some of our new products we now carry. We finished the renovations around Semana Santa (April) of this year, 2019.

Beyond being a place to buy different types of meats, what other specialty items can customers now find at Tranco’s?

Beyond our vast selection of quality meats, one can find a variety of foreign-made cookies, crackers, cheese, sauces, or spices. For example, we carry products such as Goldfish, Breton, Triscuit, and Cheez-It crackers, Tillamook cheese, as well as a variety of flavors of goat cheese and blue cheese. We also carry many unique sauces and spices, like buffalo sauce, fish sauce, curry, etc. 

What new items do you now have in your store after the remodel?

Our newest items that we now carry are the Häagen-Dazs ice-creams, soft drinks, milk, creamers, and the pre-prepared foods, such as machaca, rice, and beans.

What kind of imported and new cuts of meat are available at Tranco’s?

At Tranco’s, we have a variety of quality meats, ranging from chicken, pork, and of course, beef. We have the following specialty cuts:


-Rib Eye

-Chull Natural

-Rib Eye Cutlet

-BBQ Grill

What makes Tranco’s Carniceria special and unique?

We sell local products, but also products of foreign origin that are typically very hard to find in Sayulita. In addition to the quality of our products, the kindness of our staff, and cleanliness that you will always find in our store really makes us stand out from the rest. We like to pamper our customers! For example, each year on May 10th, as well as on Halloween, and in December around Christmas time, we give back to all the people who shop with us, either with special treats like candies, cakes, or even surprise gifts. Family and community are important to us, and we value having a strong relationship with our customers. 

*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri