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Do you want to redesign or remodel your Sayulita home? Are you looking for the perfect team of professionally trained architects to build a home, apartment, or even a new business here in Sayulita? Look no further and meet the exceptional team, EJE 3A; they are a local group of talented and experienced designers and architects who do fabulous work here in Sayulita. Read more to hear about their design expertise and recent build projects they’ve completed in Sayulita. 

First, can you explain the meaning of your business name, EJE 3A, and how you all know each other or came together to form this outstanding team? 

EJE 3A refers to the names of each of the representatives that make up our association; Everardo, Juan, and Emmanuel (EJE), and 3A is in reference to the number of members followed by the letter A that indicates the initial writing of our profession, “Architecture”. The main idea for our business arose from trying to express something related to architecture in general, which in turn was linked to each of us. In terms of architecture, the acronym of EJE 3A that represents the writing of the logo of our business and the relationship we have with architecture is the way in which part of the graphing used in architectural plans is shown or composed. In this case, the EJEs indicate the location and distance between one point to another, and the dimensions specify the measures between each of those points.

We all know each other from university. Once the race of school was over, each one of us took different directions exercising our craft for other businesses; only one of the three of us started working here in Sayulita. After a while, the opportunity arose to be here all together, and that is how we agreed to be in the same place but each working separately, a fact that made it easier for us to live together and frequent ourselves more. Among the same talks, we agreed we wanted to do something more formal and become independent in our ventures with having our own office of architects, and this is how our business idea initiated. Then, little by little, the ideas matured more and more over time, to reach our main objectives, and get us to where we are today.  

When did you officially decide to open your business here in Sayulita?

In 2014 we started working in Sayulita as residential home builders, but it was not until November of 2017 when we started working as a team in the remodeling and expansion of El Conejo Restaurant & Bar. This project gave us the inspiration and motivation to realize we could expand and work together on so many different local causes. This was what opened up more paths for us in Sayulita, and allowed us to continue with different projects. By June 26th of 2019 was when we achieved and agreed to name our team. 

How would you describe your overall design aesthetic and what is the experience of your team in regards to architecture and design?

There are several factors that we consider when designing a project, but these are the ones that give us the guidelines and the criteria to shape our designs. Among some of the most important factors that we consider when designing a space before building are:

  • · The most attractive views that surround the terrain.
  • · Natural ventilation and lighting in each of its areas.
  • · The functionality of each of its spaces according to the needs of the client.
  • · And something else and not less important, is the respect for the environment. We try to achieve this by conserving the existing vegetation on the ground to the fullest in order to make it part of the design aesthetic.

The intention of our projects is to try to preserve the architectural physiognomy that characterizes this town, without trying to impose with what already exists. Regarding the composition of the materials implemented in our projects, these are mainly based on following the same construction style that is implemented in Sayulita, such as polished floors and walls, latticework, stone walls, furniture made of concrete and wood, palapas, pergolas, apparent bricks, washed granites, wood, warm colors on their facades, etc. Throughout our trajectory of building here in Sayulita, we have approximately twelve works built for other offices that have already been carried out, and independently as partners there are a total of six projects. The type of spaces that we have built are apartments, villas, residential-type houses, restaurants, as well as extensions and remodeling.

What projects have you worked on in the past (either here or elsewhere) that you are most proud of?

The most recent projects that we have worked independently on and are most proud of, are the restaurant El Conejo in Sayulita, in the remodeling of the apartment complex in Hacienda de Mita, in the apartments Primavera in Sayulita, the remodeling and expansion of Casa Buena Onda in Sayulita, and in the studio located on Calle Primavera, as well as design of other architectural projects.

What could potential customers expect if they hired their team?

Any type of client, potential or not, what they can expect is to have the best results. They can expect that our team will be sincere with our work, that we will deliver the work in a timely manner, as well as with exception, high quality, as agreed.

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal and commitment, so that your projects are built in the best way. We accompany you in this process to achieve the planned objectives, starting from an architectural design, then we develop the plans and criteria of the different engineering involved in the project, then delivering plans with clear information for the construction and the trajectory of the projects. Finally, we design the distribution of spaces taking full advantage of each square meter, meeting the needs of our customers, and generating comfortable and functional environments.

To find out more information about EJE 3A, please visit their Sayulita Life Web Page.

*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri