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We would like to thank every member who pledged for the "Saving Sayulita" project. A lot has been accomplished to this date. Even though we had a short timeframe to work on the petition, it was filed on time at the IMPLAN office. We are expecting to receive a response soon after the petition is reviewed by the government.

In the meantime ProSayulita continues to work closely with lawyers and environmental specialists to stop the new IMPLAN development plan for Sayulita.

We are all aware of the difficult times we are facing due to Covid-19, but in order to continue forward with this project we need additional funds, our goal it's $25,000 USD.  The economy will surely be affected negatively, opening the doors of IMPLAN for "special favors" to be asked like the approval of illegal constructions and taking advantage of height limits.

Objections of the situation:

If we don't continue on with this battle, expect to see Sayulita like this:

PHOTO-2020-06-03-16-10-47 (3)

See full size pictures:

Beachfront 1 now  Playa-2

PHOTO-2020-06-03-16-10-47 (3)  Beachfront 2 now

Zoning 1  Zoning 2