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Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing drink on the sand, watch the surfers and waves at Sayulita’s main beach, bathe in the sunshine, enjoy people watching, or have some delicious food, (or all of the above), Cocos Beach Club in Sayulita is the perfect place to spend a day of fun and relaxation on the beach! Fernando, owner of Cocos Beach Club, tells me more about Cocos and the diverse services they have to offer. 

Can you give readers a brief background about yourself & the owners of Cocos Beach Club?



We are three partners who own Cocos, one is originally from Sayulita, and the two others (including me) are originally from Guadalajara. The one owner who is native to Sayulita has always been in love with Sayulita, as it is his home and place he was raised. The other owner lives in Guadalajara, and he comes to Sayulita constantly in order to be in touch with the people, vibes, and great time he always experiences when he is in Sayulita. And the third owner, (myself), decided to move to Sayulita permanently because I fell so much in love with the town and the people, and I just knew this was the place for me to be.

Why did you decide to open Cocos Beach Club? 

We opened Cocos Beach Club in the Spring of 2017 when we realized that there was a huge market available for the kind of vision / idea we had for our beach club. There are lots of bars in Sayulita, but not many businesses that offer day-time beach club type of services or bar amenities, including showers on our premises for guests to use after swimming or surfing, clean bathrooms, music / live DJs, drinks, food, and amazing beach-front service!

Most people know Cocos Beach Club as the best place to be on a Friday night in Sayulita, but now with the Covid restrictions on hours of operation for businesses/restaurants, how has Cocos adapted?

We recommend that everyone comes to Cocos Beach Club during the day to try our food menu, with mouth-watering items to choose from, such as the spicy Aguachile or the Angus Burger. Of course we also have an array of delicious, specialty, hand-crafted cocktails to enjoy and refresh from the heat. We have the perfect beach-front location, with tables and chairs on the sand, so you can get a little bit of everything at Cocos, such as surf, sun-bathing, people watching, music & dancing, and of course relaxing with a cool beverage and tasty food. We are open from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you had to describe Cocos Beach Club in just three words / phrases, what would you use?


-Best party in town

-Great experience

Is there anything else you want readers to know about Cocos Beach Club?

We are located right in front of the ocean, and we are the best place to watch the sunset because we are the only business on this side of the beach with a 2nd floor / terrace above the sea. We also have daily menu specials that you will love; come try them!



*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri