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Even those of us who aren’t parents know a common understanding-- nothing to do with having children is easy, especially not traveling. Luckily, BeBe in Sayulita helps make traveling with little ones easier, by providing baby and toddler gear for parents while on vacation in Sayulita. Owner of BeBe and mother to two, Octavia Jolley, talks about her own experiences traveling with her two kids and how this helped spark her business.

What was your personal inspiration behind deciding to begin your business, Bebe?  

It really felt like the lightbulb went on when I thought of the idea of renting baby gear. I had lots of unused equipment from my first child, and I thought, wait how about if I rent this? Since we live in a tourist town, it seemed like a need that would be of use to others. It started by renting out a pack n play and a stroller and grew from there as my client base grew. 

What need does BeBe fill that other businesses or services do not offer in the Sayulita area?

The idea with renting baby equipment is to help maximize your vacation. If your baby is comfortable and having a good time, naturally parents will too. Having items that your child uses to eat, sleep, and be active is crucial to maintaining a routine that allows children to adjust well. Most of these items are too bulky to be brought down as luggage, so it's a service that allows the comforts of home to be in your vacation rental upon arrival.

What type of baby equipment can a client rent? How does the process work if they were to rent in advance for their vacation?

BeBe offers cribs and pack n plays for sleeping. We also have highchairs and booster seats for eating. We offer BOB strollers that seem to work best on these cobbled roads for allowing families to walk with their baby. We also offer all of the items in between, such as tubs, monitors, beach toys, etc. Once you check out the webpage and decide on what items you want, you book it via a business request. From there, I reserve the items, deliver them to your rental, and receive payment the day of delivery.

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know

I am happy to answer questions about activities and things to do in the Sayulita area with children. I have been providing this information to families for over 13 years. I have a book that I wrote called A Kids Guide to Sayulita that also gives ideas of what to do with children in the area, so I am pretty up to date on the best things to do and where to go. The joy of traveling with kids and sharing experiences with them is what gives me the most pleasure. I have taken my own kids to nine countries now, and I know that traveling has given them the insight to understand the world that much more. Do it! Don’t let fear or worry stop you. 

To find out more or to book your baby gear for your next vacation, visit Bebe's Sayulita Life web page.