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Doris Rivera, private chef in Sayulita, prepares hearty and delicious home-style meals, safely created and served in the comfort of your own home. Doris specializes in showcasing the local flavors and traditional cooking of the Riviera Nayarit region. Doris is well known in Sayulita for serving generous portions of colorful, mouth-watering dishes in her clients' homes. Doris will come to your house or vacation rental in Sayulita or San Pancho, allowing for a socially distanced yet comfortable meal experience, and for guests to celebrate a special event or small gathering. Doris tells me about her background experience in cooking, as well as what she defines as her signature cooking style.

When did you know that cooking was a passion of yours, or what is your background experience in cooking?

I live just outside of Sayulita. I grew up in a traditional Mexican home and was exposed from an early age to the flavors of the region. My "training" occurred when I was a young wife and mom, cooking for my own family. Despite looking after four children, I found artistry and perfectionism in the kitchen. Never content, always striving to improve my skill, I bought and borrowed regional cookbooks and practiced all the recipes, again and again. Eventually, I began to experiment and find my own "voice" as a chef. Later, working as a cleaning woman for Casa Delfines in Sayulita, I was "discovered" when guests asked me to cook for them. Person after person commented in amazement that the best meal they had in Sayulita was the one made by the "cleaning woman".

In my quiet and simple way, by preparing beautiful meals that speak for themselves, I have made a name for myself. The demand for my services grew to the point that it is now my full-time job.

What are your favorite types of food or dishes to cook and why?

I love to make all types of Mexican food, especially seafood. Some of my specialties include camarones a la diabla, enchiladas con mole, tacos dorados del mar con marlin or shrimp, guacamole, ceviche, pescado asado, pozole, chiles rellenos con camarones, sopes, and cochinita pibil (a traditional pork dish).

What is your signature style?

I cook traditional Mexican fare that is influenced by my proximity to the sea and the bountiful local seafood. I love to integrate fresh seasonal produce into my dishes, letting the rich comfort food contrast with the lightness of lime-drizzled cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and onion. I also like to showcase the wide-ranging potential of chile peppers, by making my own salsas using a variety of preparations from fried chiles (chiles dorados) to grilled chiles (chiles asados).

What sort of events do you offer for guests to book your chef services?

I typically serve clients in their homes for "every-day special occasions." My services are ideal for groups of 4 to 16 people, gatherings of friends who want to celebrate a birthday, have a special friday night dinner, or big families who want to take a night off from cooking but still be in the comfort of their home. While I have successfully served groups of up to thirty people, my focus is on warm, family-style dining rather than big event catering.

To contact Doris or to book her personal chef services, please visit her Sayulita Life Web Page.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri