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There is no one who desperately seeks comfort & relaxation like a pregnant woman! I recently had the pleasure to indulge myself in a lovely prenatal massage at Buddha Spa in Sayulita. Even though I’ve lived in Sayulita for years, I had never been to the spa before. It was a great experience to be able to see it through the eyes of a first-timer or person who may be on vacation in Sayulita looking for an awesome way to relax. With a wide variety of spa services and packages offered, as well as a boutique full of boho-chic women’s clothing and accessories, it is clear why Buddha Gallery & Spa has a reputation for being the best in Sayulita.

The spa sits in the back of the gallery, which boasts beautiful, bohemian women’s clothing & jewelry. The waiting area is just down a few steps into a calm and quiet back room; it is small and cozy, with large lounge chairs and an enormous shell chandelier that beautifully catches the sunlight that streams in from the windows which face Sayulita’s main beach and the ocean. As I waited for my appointment I could hear the soothing sound of waves mixed with the tranquil spa music. I was offered a refreshing beverage while I waited.

My massage therapist, Isabel, soon introduced herself. Before starting the massage, she was sure to ask me many questions about what kind of massage I was looking for, and if I had certain areas I wanted to focus on. She also made sure to ask me about what stage of pregnancy I was in, and if I had any complications or conditions that she should take into consideration for how to massage me and what type of position we could use or that I felt comfortable with. I appreciated this, as it was clear that she valued my safety and was well-experienced in catering her massages to diverse individuals. 

The massage began, and I felt comfortable, calm, and relaxed. Isabel was amazing! She used the perfect blend of soft, long strokes and the application of deeper pressure to key body points; I felt like she was helping my usually stiff/sore areas to loosen, and that the rest of my body was calm. I was soon half dozing on the massage table as she worked her magic. 

I absolutely recommend pampering yourself at Buddha spa! With a wide selection of spa services, from romantic treatments to comprehensive one-day packages, the spa has something for everyone looking to treat themselves to some luxury, self-care, and relaxation. 

For more information or to book an appointment, please visit their Sayulita Life web page.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri