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Sayulita Property Management is a comprehensive property management company, providing all services for vacation home maintenance including housekeeping, gardening, pool service, fumigation, bill pay and clear accounting, weekly house inspection, rental advertising, and all aspects of vacationer/guest coordination and satisfaction. Not to mention they also provide oversight of home repair projects including English/Spanish translation. 

Rene Lopez, the founder of Sayulita Property Management, is well equipped with the know-how to stay on top of your house's needs and facilitate an amazing visit to Sayulita for your guests. Rene built his previous career in the United States in construction management and property management. Rene coordinates all the services needed to maintain your vacation home and goes above and beyond to create an amazing experience for guests visiting Sayulita.  

An interview with Rene allows us a deeper look what Sayulita Property Management and what we can expect as a client or vacationer.

  • What inspired you to start your business? 

I have a background in residential construction management in California so property management is a natural fit.  I also enjoy interacting with folks visiting Sayulita, especially for the first time. 

  • How long have you been in operation? How large is your team? 

We've been in operation for nearly 7 years, and we are a team of 10.

  • What is your process for creating customized services for your clients?

At our initial meeting, we determine what it is they want whether it just be home maintenance or rental income as well. From there I get a sense for their specific needs and determine what our team can offer to meet their expectations.

  • Do you work directly with the guests to arrange services throughout the vacation?

I will coordinate shuttle service to and from the airport, golf cart rental while here, and I can recommend chefs and masseuses that I personally enjoy. So, yes. My effort is to make their stay as smooth and memorable as possible and for them to have attained some relaxation during their visit... and return!

  • What services do you provide?

We provide comprehensive property management and guest services. (housekeeping, pool service, gardening, fumigation, monthly utility payments, annual trust, and property tax handling, vehicle maintenance, in addition to rental advertising and vacationer guest coordination.)

  • What can guests expect in the experience?

Guests can expect to have a reliable resource for must-do activities in Sayulita and a responsive presence for anything that may come up at the house they're staying at.

  • How long have you lived in Sayulita? What are your favorite aspects of Sayulita?

I have lived in Sayulita for nearly 8 years. I love the constant evolution of it and the unwavering parts such as the fishermen and that culture.

  • Can you share a memorable happy client story?

There are so many. I've come across many folks on the street maybe a year or two after they had visited who tell me that since their visit with the house I managed, they decided to move here and that it was their initial stay that spurred it.

Rene is your eyes and ears in your absence. You and your guests can put your trust in Sayulita Property Management. They are prompt and responsive, and they thrive to obtain the gold standard of accountability when taking control of your home away from home. To Lean more visit Sayulita Property Management.

Written/Edited by Amy Rose Pearson