September 30, 2021 sayulitablog 0Comment

Many were skeptical about our abilities to stop the IMPLAN Proposal presented to the various towns throughout the Municipality of Bahia Banderas. But lo and behold, we have successfully stopped the implementation of higher density and 7-8 story buildings for now! BRAVO Pro Sayulita!

The story began back in January of 2020 when IMPLAN (A state-run density program that all counties must undertake) set up in the Seniors Center and the Plaza with a new density proposal. Sayulita currently has approximately 5,000 permanent residents. This is about 20% of the building permitted under the current zoning plan from 2002 and gives us ample room for growth. The new proposal would have allowed up to 85,000 residents, which is more than 7 times the current population of Bucerias. The potential to see eight-story buildings on the beach, much higher population density, a huge impact on our wildlife, and a loss of all green space, were the risks if this plan had gone uncontested.

Pro Sayulita hired a very capable environmental lawyer from México City and worked alongside him, initially creating a thirty-page document that outlined all the illegalities of this plan. As a result, Pro Sayulita was able to legally register more than 80 legal, constitutional, and technical observations and objections to IMPLAN, supported by 954 signatures of residents and owners from Sayulita and San Pancho. Pro Sayulita’s observations and petitions were duly delivered at the IMPLAN offices and registered by a Notary. By law, IMPLAN was required to formally address and answer via documentation, all the group’s observations/ objections. Our unique jungle and our dry, semi-deciduous rain forest were at risk of being decimated. Wildlife habitats were also in danger. Not only was the environment at risk, so too was our water supply. We currently have issues with water and in no way can our current infrastructure support the current building boom, let alone an increase in density.

As a result of the work put into stopping the 2020 IMPLAN by Pro Sayulita, many local businesses and residents, the IMPLAN has successfully been blocked! We filed an amparo (injunction) early in the fight which caused a temporary suspension of the IMPLAN. After multiple amparos being served, the definitive suspension came through. Although the previous administration continually tried to make the IMPLAN a reality, in the end, they were unable to make that come to fruition.

The new Municipal government will not go on with the 2020 IMPLAN proposal. It is now up to us to meet with the new President Municipal Villalvazo and come up with a plan that will be more suitable to the needs of Sayulita.

Thank you to all who have donated to this very important cause. Our work is not yet done. Should you feel that this is an important issue for you, our village, and the environment, you can send your donations by clicking here to Donate.

Edited by Amy Rose Pearson