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Tantric Honeymoon provides relaxing, connective, and energizing Tantric practices, curated to bring you closer and more lovingly present than ever before. Start your honeymoon on a high note and develop tools for better intimacy that will last a lifetime. 

Tantric Honeymoon is led by Ashley Encantada, a holistic intimacy and relationship coach that has worked with individuals and couples worldwide, bringing them into greater levels of authentic intimacy by alleviating them of their fears and hesitations through a vast array of both traditional and innovative intimacy exercises.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ashely and learn the interesting dimensions of tantric practices for relationship strengthening and self-growth.

  • What inspired you to start your business?

Growing up Catholic and with little knowledge about the benefits of a healthy sex life, plus having experienced my parents divorcing at a young age, I spent a lot of my young adulthood exploring myself through practices and philosophies that were considered exotic, even where I came from in the San Francisco Bay Area. I traveled to Asia to immerse myself in the teachings of yoga and healing modalities that were so powerful that I knew eventually I would be sharing them as an educator myself. My journey eventually led me towards studying the works of well-known Marriage & Family therapists, too, along with the science behind libido, female & male arousal and more. At some point, I realized this was more my passion than anything else and began the process of formalizing my position as a coach. It was a really natural process and one led by curiosity and delight.

  • What is your process for creating customized services for your clients?

Whether someone is seeking a retreat, coaching sessions or one-on-one educational experiences, my process always involves deep inquiry. Individuals and couples both are challenged to contemplate what is happening for them on a deeper level and connect the dots for themselves. I integrate a variety of techniques to help co-create this journey, including everything from questionnaires about their sexuality to somatic release techniques that help them reveal what is stored in their subconscious. It all starts with a free consultation call, of course, and we go from there.

  • What services do you provide?

My services are really broad, including everything from mindset coaching to teaching empathy skills to helping people heal from sexual trauma to bringing people to heightened and altered states of consciousness and sensuality. I work with couples and individuals of any gender from a holistic framework, meaning I consider the mind, body, heart, soul, and culture of a person in order to provide them with an experience tailored to their needs.

  • What can guests expect in the experience?

In the Tantric Honeymoon experience, a couple can expect to feel safe while journeying through different body-based rituals together. These range from sensual touch rituals to chakra activating rituals using voice and journeys meant to open the whole body up to more pleasure. All of these tools can be taken and practiced at home for years to come.

  • Can you share a memorable happy client story?

Oh yes. I once facilitated a morning of emotional discovery between a couple and when I came back for the afternoon portion of our day, they were so activated and excited to be alone again that we rolled what was on the agenda over to the next day. They had been together for years prior to their marriage and their morning journey created what the husband called a "rebirth" for their relationship. Experiences like these are why I love the work I do!

  • How long have you been in operation?

I'm new to Mexico! I have been working as a coach and educator online and in-person for 4+ years.

  • What does your business offer that separates it from the rest?

Well, I have been training, practicing, and teaching Tantra for many years so I have been able to seamlessly fuse the rituals it encompasses with evidence-backed Western approaches to relationship repair,

  • What are your favorite aspects of Sayulita?

I love the warm weather and warm-hearted culture here in Sayulita. It is easy to make friends and connections because I find people to be quite open in general. Maybe it's the laid-back surf vibes in town mixed with the vivaciousness of living in a desirable destination!

  • Any other information you would like to add?

I will be offering classes, workshops and sessions for locals, too! Find me on

Allow Tantric Honeymoon to bring you into a world of tantric presence and learn to become more attuned to one another as a couple using tools that will carry you through a lifetime of love. 

Private, pre-wedding Tantric healing and centering sessions are available for brides and grooms alike, featuring a Five Elements massage, a unique and luxuriating rose-petal ritual, a breathwork session for the deep nervous system reset, and your choice of movement practice.

If you are prone to anxiety or simply feeling stressed after planning, traveling, and coordinating the many details of your big day, a Tantric Healing Session by Ashley will work wonders on your nervous system, mental and emotional states, enabling you to step into deep and true wedded bliss on the day of. Visit Tantric Honeymoon to learn more.

Written/Edited by Amy Rose Pearson