March 6, 2022 sayulitablog 0Comment

“Un cachorro!”squealed the children at Escuela Cooperativa ( when Aleks Fedorov arrived with Georgi, a two-month old puppy from SayulitAnimals ( Aleks and Georgi were coming to join the English Language class at Escuela. “Cachorro is puppy in English,” said Jay Peterson our Language teacher. Jay thought a real puppy would be a great way to help the children remember the English words for dog and puppy. Jay, along with Diane Wilkerson formerly with the ASPCA in N.Y., talked to the class about how to be gentle with animals and treat them with respect. 

This lesson reinforces the mission of SayulitAnimals to create an environment of compassion and respect for all animals and helps Sayulita’s youngest children learn English and understand how to act around animals. This partnership was a win for all!

This is the type of love that the children are being taught here, what a joy it was for them to enjoy time with the puppy!