March 22, 2022 sayulitablog 0Comment

Clean Streets, Safe Water and More. Since 2005, ProSayulita, a local non-profit, has been committed to improving the quality of life in our town.  

  • Most recently, ProSayulita partnered with the Delegada (our local representative working with the Mayor of Bahia Banderas) to clean the streets in the downtown area.
  • In the next few days, ProSayulita is sponsoring water testing at key points in the ocean and the river. Testing will now happen 4 times a year at strategic times, to ensure the safety of the water for tourists and locals.  Keep an eye out for the results.    

ProSayulita wants to continue to make a difference in our pueblo but relies on memberships and individual donations to fulfill its vital mission. The pandemic, not surprisingly, negatively affected its level of funding. PLEASE HELP!

For Memberships CLICK HERE, for donations please CLICK HERE.

ProSayulita and its Board of Directors thanks all donors for their continued support. We will continue to provide periodic updates on the important work of this organization.