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Sueños Restaurant, one of the newer fine dining experiences in Sayulita, is at the top of my personal favorites list. Located in the heart of town, the space is beautifully designed, oozes ambiance and surprisingly more spacious than you would imagine. A narrow walkway lined with booths leads onto a dimly lit room with a pool table, a classy bar and an open concept kitchen. The dishes are not only creative but delicious and served with a beautiful attention to detail. Imagine deep fried burrata pizza and melt in your mouth chocolate salamis. We had the opportunity to hear from Megan, to share with us a bit about her background, the creation of her restaurant, and their new catering experience.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My background is in Fine Art and I have lived and worked around the globe, although I’m originally from Oregon. I’m passionate about creating beautiful spaces for people to gather, inspiring creativity and new ideas.

How did you land in Sayulita?

I have had an affinity for Mexican culture since I first began traveling here in my teens. After high school, I moved to Mexico and studied Spanish for a while before returning to the states and attending art school. It has always been my dream to raise my children in Mexico, providing them with a unique cultural experience and exposure to the Spanish language so after going through a few large life events I decided to move here with my family almost four years ago.

How long have you lived in Sayulita? What is your favorite part?

I have lived here for almost four years and my favorite thing about Sayulita is the people. I love many other things too obviously like living in a tropical paradise but something about this area draws the most interesting people to it - and by owning a restaurant I get to meet many of them. Additionally, the Mexican culture as a whole is so warm and welcoming and values a “work to live “ mentality versus a “live to work” one.

Can you tell me about what inspired you to start your business?

Sueños was sort of one of those predestined opportunities that fell into my lap. One of the reasons I moved here was to open a creative retreat center which is still in the works but got put on hold after Covid stirred everything up. In the meantime, a number of amazing restaurant professionals came into my life and the dream was born… enter Sueños Creative Cuisine & Cocktails. We happened across an available venue right on the plaza that needed a little.. no A LOT of TLC. Nine months later … we opened our doors.

What services do you offer?

We offer casual fine dining and premium cocktails both in our house and yours. Recently we launched our own catering services so not only are we happy to welcome your group to our restaurant but our executive chef can bring the experience to your abode as well with private catering or cooking lessons. Currently, our opening hours are 11:30am-midnight and we are closed Wednesday. Lunch is served from 11:30 am until 6 pm and dinner from 6 pm to close with happy hour specials from 3-7 pm. We also host private events such as rehearsal dinners, family reunions, etc.

Tell me a bit about your background with this industry?

As I mentioned earlier my background is in Fine Art but I have applied those skills to a wide range of ventures. My favorite art history professor once said after being asked at a cocktail party what a person can do with a fine art degree, “What can’t they do?” I have used this as my motto ever since. My partners in this endeavor-  general manager, executive chef, bar manager, etc .. have all been in the industry since they began working. It’s a lifelong passion that shows in their service. Many of our staff members have worked at the finest restaurants around the globe and bring their expertise to your table.

How long has your business been in operation?

we have bene open for six months.

What does your business offer that separates it from the rest?

Our flavors are global but the focus is on fresh local ingredients. We work with local farmers and fishermen to bring you seasonal delights. Our executive chef, Andrea Nardo embodies the hallmarks of all great chefs - intention, passion, and creativity.  His education began during his childhood in Italy cooking with his parents and continued into culinary school which he began at age 16. Upon graduating he began his professional career cooking in world-renowned restaurants and studying the cuisine of the globe during his travels. Now, after four years working in a world-class restaurant in London where he earned a Rosette for his culinary prowess, he is here in Sayulita, happy to call our Pueblo Magico and Sueños his new home.

Our restaurant also has live music five nights a week from 8-10 pm as we strive to support local artists and enjoy the vibe it promotes. We also adorn our walls with original artwork by esteemed artists and the majority of our furniture and finishings were built by local artisans and artists. The Sueños experience is meant to satisfy all of your senses.

Additionally, our lead mixologist Marco Pecci brings creative cocktails from around the world.  Having trained and graduated at the Beenliegh Artisan Distillery and the Bittendium Wine Institute he brings his years of dedication and knowledge to Suenos. From the finest bars and clubs in London to the most prestigious restaurants in Sydney he has honed his talents and skills.

With over a decade of experience creating scintillating and sensuous cocktails we invite you to join us and allow him to redefine your understanding of mixology and the subtle nuances of the art of intuitively designed cocktails.

What are your future plans for your business? Any new goals?

We plan to grow our local and international recognition through amazing food and service. Additionally, we just launched our own house tequila and mezcal which we plan to sell locally and internationally- “Sueños Global”. Our tasting flights are available now and have been quite popular!

Many other opportunities await such as offering our own jarred house-pickled veggies and sauces to take home with you and stock in local stores as well as a number of other things we have in the works.. but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Can you share a happy memory with a client?

I have many happy memories with clients but a favorite is hosting our first rehearsal dinner for an amazing young couple from Texas. They were so happy with their experience and generally overflowing with gratitude. It gives me pleasure to provide such a wonderful lasting memory for a couple in love.

Is there anything special that you want to share?

I feel like I have shared a lot already so the only thing left I would like to do is thank our amazing team at Sueños. It is no easy task opening a restaurant and they continue to be the backbone of our success. I am grateful for all of them.