December 22, 2022 Natalia Reca 0Comment

We were lucky enough to be invited to try out some of Xochi’s new menu items and exciting cocktail experience! Arriving early evening, we walked up the staircase enveloped with evocative paintings leading us onto the grand palapa-covered first floor.

We began by testing out some of their unique cocktails on the menu. The first drink of the night was an elegant rose-pink beverage served in a martini glass, topped with a smoke-filled bubble. The drink was served with a glacé cherry on a stick which was used to puncture the bubble and release a smokey cloud. This was quite the introduction to what ended up being the most exciting and interactive cocktail experience I have ever had.

Four different bitesize appetizers were brought over to us, avocado ceviche tostadas, mole shrimp skewers, cochinita pibil on blue corn sopes, and marlin quesadillas.  The ceviche was fresh and zesty, and I loved the addition of avocado, it resembled a fully loaded guacamole. The mole shrimp skewers might have been a favorite, the combination of dark and complex mole flavors with the shrimp was fantastic. 

The next cocktail had the most fascinating blue color on the top, and cloudy lemon bottom half, it was topped with what can only be described as a lime pirate ship. The attention to detail on this “pirate ship” was immaculate!

The main dishes ordered were the tuna steak and mixed fajitas, the tuna was served on a deliciously creamy mashed potato, and a lightly spicy mayo sauce with a small side of corn. The mixed fajitas were full of flavor with a mix of shrimp, chicken, and meat!

We were served the famous flaming coffee to finish off the meal which was quite the spectacle! An exciting show where coffee liquor is lit on fire and handled between two different recipients, (with sparks flying) then poured into a prepared coffee, topped with whipped cream and a glacé cherry.

But that wasn't quite the end… a warm chocolate volcano cake served with ice cream, dotted passionfruit puree, and berries was the final dish of the night. Two very happy customers waddled out of the restaurant and onto the plaza for some light people-watching before heading straight to bed.

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