January 5, 2023 Natalia Reca 0Comment

I had the pleasure of speaking with María Ochoa, the wedding planner and all round organizer for Ysuri Wedding Planners. She told me a little about the business of creating these beautiful and memorable events and all of the services they offer in Sayulita.

  1. Please tell me a bit about yourself?

Im a passionate wedding planner ready to make dreams come true with more than 6 years in the business of destination weddings. I have worked with many beautiful international couples that love the beach as much as I do. I have also worked in different states, and different climates which bring new challenges. I started in Guadalajara working for a company, I then decided to go out on my own, and now most of the weddings i work are in Nayarit.

2. How did you land in Sayulita?

I work with the Ysuri group, and even though I don´t live in Sayulita, I work there and at the other Ysuri Venues.

3. What is your favorite part?

Sayulita has so much to see and do, from street tacos to secret beaches. There's so much contagious energy in this small town, that's why everybody loves it!

4. When did ysuri wedding planners start operating?

Ysuri started offering this service 1 year ago.

5. What services do you offer?

Wedding planner services in Ysuri Venues (Sayulita, Bucerias, and San Pancho.

6. Tell me a bit about your background in this industry?

I have worked on multiple social events and offered clients different options from catamaran trips, to beach club locations, and other venues for parties and celebrations like Christmas Parties, rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, bachelorettes, birthdays, and anniversaries.

7. What does Ysuri wedding planners offer that separates it from the rest?

Some incredibly idyllic beach venues with accommodation for entire wedding parties. We have the most beautiful waterfront locations with grand outdoor spaces and beach access.

8. What are the future plans for Ysuri? Any new goals?

To collaborate with other wedding planners and wedding agencies in order to generate more work, so we can continue to create beautiful memorable weddings in Sayulita.

9. Can you share a happy memory with a client?

Our clients always tell us how grateful they are for us taking such care of all the meticulous details that could easily go unnoticed but in fact, are what really make that extra difference.

I remember at a beach wedding where hundreds of baby turtle hatchlings started to appear, so we decided to turn all of the event sound and lighting off. The whole wedding party came to watch the turtles venture off into the ocean. This was a very special and spontaneous moment that i'm sure the bride and groom as well as the wedding guests will treasure forever.

10. Is there anything special that you want to share?

I have always believed that each wedding is unique, and as a wedding planner, I strive to create the most special moments for our clients, while incorporating their essence into their special day.