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This Month's Sayulita Life Donation goes to Wet Noses Rescue! We caught up with them for information on how we as a community can support, donate, volunteer and even adopt internationally.


Can you tell us a little about Wet Noses Rescues?
A few short years ago in Sayulita two extraordinary women – one American and one Mexican – connected over their deep concern for the well-being of countless sick, abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs and cats in the area. What began as a modest backyard operation has blossomed into a thriving 501(c)3 nonprofit with two facilities and over 140 animals in care, and over 250 animals adopted out so far in 2023.
Wet Noses Rescue is a donation-based rescue that relies solely on donations to keep in operation. Many of the animals they rescue require complex medical care and have behavioral needs that require specialized support for rehabilitation.
Wet Noses Rescue is run by a committed and passionate team of staff and volunteer members from Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Cuba, USA, Canada, Germany and beyond! Meet the team here.
Join them on their mission to create a brighter future for these innocent beings, one Wet Nose at a time.

What does an average day at Wet Noses Rescues look like?
Wet Noses Rescues is a round-the-clock operation. The care team tirelessly tends to the needs of their cats and dogs, including feeding, walking, socializing, and of course rehabilitating from medical issues, neglect, or abuse. The adoptions team works diligently online to connect potential families with their animals. There are dedicated vets to ensure the health of their animals daily. They warmly welcome volunteers every day to support the mission!

How many animals do you have give or take?
Approximately 70 cats and 70 dogs on average.

How will donations be put to use?
Donations go directly to support local animals in need which may involve:
Medical Care: Vaccinations, tick/flea medicine, and surgeries for rescued animals. This includes treatments for emergencies, injuries, diseases, and spaying/neutering.

Food and Nutrition: Ensuring that rescued animals receive proper nutrition to regain their health and strength. Many animals require specialized diets when first rescued.

Education, Awareness, and Advocacy: Donations can be used to raise awareness about animal welfare, promoting responsible pet ownership, and educating the public about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets, and supporting accessible access to vet care for those who need it.

Supplies: Donations can be used to purchase supplies such as cat litter, leashes, collars, crates, cleaning supplies, and toys, enhancing the overall well-being of the animals.

How can people help?
At Wet Noses Rescue, there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute, both locally and worldwide. Explore various roles to get involved:

● Events: Immerse yourself in the heart of our adoption and fundraising events, where you can share your time with our adorable pups and fosters. As an event volunteer, you'll also play a vital role in providing information about the organization and of course the furry friends!

● Shelter Care: Step onto the frontlines! Your tasks will involve feeding, maintaining clean kennels, and creating positive interactions with the fur babies. This hands-on position welcomes all dog and cat enthusiasts, regardless of their personalities and sizes. Morning and evening shifts are
open year-round.

● Foster: Providing animals with a caring temporary home while they await adoption and give them a chance for a brighter future.

● Supply/Donations Coordinator: Collaborate closely with the operations team to oversee incoming donations and prepare them for transport back to Mexico.

● Transporter: Assist in transporting our foster dogs or cats to their vet appointments and events. If you're located outside of Mexico, you can also help transport pups and kitties when they require a lift to their foster homes from the airport, among other tasks.

● Visiting the area? Be a Flight Angel! Volunteering to escort is such a rewarding thing to do, and it’s the last step in helping rescue animals get to their forever homes.

● What if I'm Not Local? Even if you're not in the immediate area in Mexico, there are still numerous ways to contribute both online and in person! These opportunities encompass tasks such as transport, collecting donations, data entry, writing, social media management, and more. Your skills you already possess or wish to develop will be embraced! This team works hard in making volunteering both enjoyable and a valuable learning experience.

Do you organize flights if people want to adopt internationally?
YES!! Recognizing the geographical challenges that may arise in meeting animals in person due to the distance, they have implemented a well-structured adoption process to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. They frequently arrange transportation for animals throughout the US and Canada.

Anything else to add?

Animal welfare faces several systemic issues that persist across different regions and contexts. Wet Noses Rescue sees the complexity of the situation and wants to target and support the root cause. By building community capacity through relationships, volunteer programs, fostering, and empowering individuals and families, there will be a direct and positive impact for the entire area. When the community has the knowledge and skills to rescue, care for, and rehabilitate animals, this not only improves the lives of the rescued animals but also strengthens the bond between the community and the organization. Through these initiatives and your donations, there will be a ripple effect, promoting a culture of kindness and empathy towards animals, ultimately leading to a more humane society where animals are treated with respect and care. This kind of community engagement not only transforms the lives of animals, but also nurtures a sense of pride and responsibility among people, making them active participants in the welfare of their home communities and beyond!

Please reach out if you are interested in supporting in any way! Wet Noses Rescue loves to support folks who want to develop certain skills in the nonprofit arena or share their special talents.

Please donate at: https://wetnosesrescue.org/donate/. Donations are tax deductible and Wet Noses
Rescue is a part of Benevity if your company participates in donation matching!
You can also specify your donation for spay/neuter programs or the care of a specific animal here.
Your generosity makes a real difference in animal welfare missions to help animals. Thank you!

Interested in being a flight angel? Sign up here

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