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88 Degrees Integrated Wellness in Sayulita is a holistic clinic with the purpose of enhancing the health and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. They focus on prevention, recovery, and detoxification with the approach that everyone's body is unique, and functions differently based on each person’s life history.

We caught up with Marjie Martini to talk about her passion for all things wellness, her experience in Sayulita and her new magical Hangover Cure. 

Hi! What’s your name?
Marjie Martini from 88 Degrees.

•How long have you been in Sayulita?
 Since 2001.

•What about Sayulita inspired you to open your business here and how long have you been open?
Having been in the wedding industry in Sayulita for 15 years, I have witnessed the tourists that have all had issues being sick from either norovirus, overindulging in our great food and tequila or just tourists that have come to relax and then end up with the cold or flu. It is not fun not feeling good on holiday or being sick on an important day like your wedding. The IV therapy at 88 Degrees has saved so many people on a wedding day, giving them hydration, energy and vitamin/minerals so that they can feel better and enjoy their big day and the rest of their holiday.

•What kind of services do you provide?
IV therapy, Aesthetics, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Functional Blood Analysis plus Cranial sacral therapy and massage.

•What inspired you to get into wellness and health services?
I had a near death experience 5 years ago and was saved by being in Mexico and having access to fast and efficient health care performed by experienced and compassionate Doctors. I was very disappointed with the Canadian medical system before and especially after this experience, it opened my eyes to how much Canadians and Americans suffer by having either an inefficient and outdated medical system or in the case of Americans a very expensive medical system. This experience inspired me to help others find effective and reasonably priced health services that help people feel better and live healthier lives

• I heard you have an amazing IV to help people out with a common vacation problem- hangovers! Can you tell me what sets this IV apart?
The key to curing any hangover or sun stroke is hydration, when you are dehydrated you lose not only water but trace minerals and salt, so our “Get Back in the Game” IV is full of sodium bicarbonate, trace minerals and B complex. This gives the body back the hydration plus the B complex, the energy boost and mental clarity. Plus, each person receives a consultation and based on their symptoms we can add any other vitamins/minerals that they may be lacking. Like Vit C, magnesium and zinc.

.•Do you do house calls as well?
Yes, we do IV service onsite and for larger groups. IV pool parties are our speciality!

•Walking into 88 Degrees, what can your customers expect?
A relaxing environment and attentive service by employees that really care about helping you look and feel good.

•A favorite Sayulita moment/memory related to your business?
When I arrived at Villa Amor last winter, to do a bride's hair/makeup for her wedding day, upon my arrival her fiancé was vomiting and had been vomiting for 8 hours. I called 88 Degrees and the nurse immediately drove over to Villa Amor, a call with the Doctor and he started an IV for the fiancé, a liter of fluid with some electrolytes/B complex, magnesium and anti-nausea medication and I literally watched the groom come back to life. The bride and groom both walked down the aisle 2 hours later and had an amazing celebration. It is those moments when it feels good to help others feel good.

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