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December 3rd marks the start of the third annual fundraising drive for our local not-for-profit recycling & environmental conservation program, Azul Sayu. AS is an Asociación Civil, or legally registered not-for-profit organization in the state of Nayarit. Azul Sayu has over 100 recycle bins in Sayulita and San Ignacio! The program works with restaurants, bars, homes, developments, schools, and parks to significantly reduce trash in our communities.

They can’t do it alone! Azul Sayu receives no government funding - donations cover their free public recycling and education programs. Contributions are greatly appreciated! And can be made online, tax-
deductible for US filers who itemize. Keep this program going by visiting the donation site here.

Did you know?
While the local government provides trash services to our county - Bahia de Banderas - no recycling services are provided or funded.
The current budget for the Azul Sayu program is approximately $25,000 USD per year. Costs include salaries for 2 employees, rent for a sorting and storage facility (called the acopio), gas, vehicle maintenance, taxes and accounting fees. A great value for $25k US!

Recycling services are free to the community! Revenue earned from the nominal fees charged for private pick-up service cover about 30% of AS’s budget. 70% of the budget is covered by the donations of generous community members and business sponsors.

To ensure the program is working effectively and efficiently, Azul Sayu partners with other not-for-profit recycle programs along the coast, including those in San Pancho and Lo de Marcos.
A local World Wide Federation (WWF) chapter - based in Puerto Vallarta - now partners with AS! The WWF is working with fishermen along the coast to help them recycle plastic nets. Azul Sayu is assisting with that project, and also partnering with the WWF to provide monthly volunteer clean ups and recycling instruction in the community. Join us the first Tuesday of every month for a town clean up!

While many countries have simply given up on recycling, due to cost and effort, Mexico is still in the game. Part of the reason that Mexico can continue recycling is that the country has chosen to only recycle items that can be processed in this country. This keeps costs down and use up! For example, that wine bottle you just emptied will be sent to a factory in Mexico City to be ground down and formed into new glasses. That plastic coke bottle you just drank will head to Guadalajara and be shredded, melted and formed into carpets or tires.

How does the local program work?

In this area, Azul Sayu is able to recycle glass, metal, PET plastics, and cardboard. Recycling is a clean process, so items need to be clean and separated from trash to be able to be recycled. For example, cardboard is recycled by shredding it, so it cannot be wet or stained with oil (like
a used pizza box).

There are almost 50 pick up locations in town for recycled items, some are public and some are private. This year, the program has added 2 new public drop off points and increased the hours of drop off times so there are no excuses! Let’s all work together to reduce trash in Sayulita by educating our children, diverting recyclables from trash piles to recycling bins, and by supporting Azul Sayu as they provide valuable community services.

Make your contribution today here!


For additional information about Azul Sayu, A.C., visit their FB page.


Article written by Lina Weissman.