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Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! My name is Debra, I run Crate Interiors. I was born in sunny South Africa and have proudly lived along the coast my entire life. My corporate career in fashion and interior design was the perfect preparation for entrepreneurship. I travelled globally overseeing design, product development and sourcing for multi-national brands.  This fueled my wanderlust and passion for cultural exploration. Today I channel that experience into tracking down fabulous finds for our clients and managing quite a complex supply chain to bring their ideas to life.

How did you first land in Sayulita?
My first trip to Sayulita was actually on a spring break from college and later several yoga retreats. It captivated my heart and I always wanted to design here.

What about Sayulita inspired you to stay and start your business here?
The free boho spirit is absolutely transmittable.  There’s such an iconic sense of beach culture and surf style. It has become a key design trend worldwide.

How did you get into interior design work?
My design career started in fashion and grew into interior design over the years. A passion for textiles and leather runs deeply in our family’s history going back to Ireland 3-4 generations prior. When I discovered this later in life, everything made sense.

What about the way you do your work sets you apart from others?
CRATE Interiors offers the only truly turnkey furnishing solution in the Bay of Banderas. We offer a single point of contact to make the entire real estate process seamless and efficient. From the first walk thru to the final big reveal, we are with you every step of the way.  Our owners and clients trust us to manage the process from a distance, so they arrive to find it move-in ready.  This process is not without challenges, especially in this environment, but our 14+ years perfecting process and protocols has helped us tremendously.

What can a client expect when working with you?
A passionate and personal interest in each client, their story and their family’s needs drives every project.  Whether owners are purchasing a vacation home or rental property investment, we work hard to meet their objectives. We are efficient, effective and pride ourselves on a professional result in bringing their property to market.

What kind of services do you provide?
This is a fully turnkey furnishing solution. So we offer a widely curated selection of furnishings, outdoor seating, rugs, lighting, art and decor, bedding and housewares, appliances, window treatments, all the trades services under one roof with a single point of contact to inspect and oversee it all. We have specialized in coastal living and resort lifestyle from the beginning.

Any special service you highly recommend?
Yes, I highly recommend new homebuyers take advantage of our FREE design consult and budget setting session. It's a smart investment prior to making any furnishings decisions. In one hour we determine the ALL IN budget number for a project, set the decor style and owners walk away with a  clear understanding before starting the job.

Any client memories in Sayulita you can share with us?
We are currently working with MexHome and owners from Casa Azul on the north shore. It’s such a rewarding experience to have our entire crew on board at this property and send progress photos to owners each night. They are seeing the White Glove Install come to life and personally involved in the design process at a distance.

Anything else you would like to add?
For owners planning a trip to Sayulita, we are available by appointment at the MexHome office and look forward to meeting more investors and buyers in the coming months. Hit our social media to follow along live behind the scenes on our daily installs. Please comment and let us know what you’d like to see in our REELS and STORIES.

You can contact Debra via their Sayulita Life listing here.