March 1, 2024 Zoey Glavicich 0Comment

We are so happy to be donating this month to La Escuela Cooperativa, an incredible pre-school defying regular school traditions and standards in Sayulita! This forward thinking school follows a Montessori inspired approach, helping children become independent thinkers, feeding their creativity and natural intelligence.

Instead of paying tuition fees, the parents are expected to participate as volunteers helping maintain the classrooms clean, taking care of the property and preparing food for the children. ​They attend monthly meetings and participate in special activities such as building an altar for the Day of the Dead on the town’s central plaza.

Escuela Cooperativa also partners with Mujeres Movimiento to offer an after school English Language program, Ingles Divertido, for children aged 6-11. There is such a demand for English instruction in Sayulita that we are now offering the English Language program to local women on Saturdays.

We at Sayulita Life are so excited to continue supporting this incredible school and all the good things they do for the community! Our donation will be used to continue supporting the children by buying supplies, helping them pay for a new office, and paying for the water truck that comes to fill up their tank as there has been a lot of water shortages in town.

You can learn more about the school by clicking here.