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Getting around in Sayulita has never been easier! With so much to see in our amazing pueblo, Baikas electric bike rentals in Sayulita makes it possible for you to get to anywhere in Sayulita- whether it be to jungle paths, secluded beaches, dirt roads, or up large hills. Walking around can quickly become tiresome, especially in the heat, and cars or golf carts cannot always make it up big hills or on bumpy roads, and often are costly to rent. Baikas are fun, easy to use for any age, eco-friendly, and can get you anywhere in Sayulita at a quick pace. I talk to the owner of Baikas more about their electric bikes and what makes them so unique. 

Please give readers a brief background about yourself. Where are you originally from, and what brought you to Sayulita?

My name is Sophie; I am 27 years old, half French, and half Mexican. I was born in Puerto Vallarta. I have been coming to Sayulita since I was a little girl; it is where I first started surfing, and where I feel most at home. I think Sayulita is a beautiful little community where we have quality living, are in constant contact with nature, great weather, and are surrounded by people from all around the world where everyone helps each other like one big family. I left Mexico for five years to work as a surf teacher in Hossegor, in the south west of France. After that, I came back to Sayulita for a three week vacation, and I realized I really missed Mexico and that this is where I am truly the happiest, so I decided to stay.

When and why did you decide to start up Baikas Electric Bike Rentals?

In the last two years, Ebikes have been developing a lot all around the world. For example, in California and where I used to live in France, they are seen everywhere, especially near the beaches. Eco-transportation nowadays is a necessity. Bikes are eco-conscious; they are sporty, work for all ages, and are easy to navigate and park. Electric bikes make getting around even easier, and are so much fun to ride! The first time I saw these bikes in France, I loved them. Thus, when I came back to Sayulita last year and I saw how much Sayulita had grown, seeing so many cars and motorbikes in our little pueblo left me heartbroken. I felt that I had to do something about this, and I also knew I wanted to change what I did for a living; I didn’t want to keep on giving surf lessons. I wanted to try something new, so I  thought it was the perfect idea for me, and the perfect eco-friendly transportation solution for our town.

What services do you provide at Baikas, and how could clients or tourists that are visiting benefit from using them?

At Baikas, we offer electric bike rentals and bike tours of Sayulita. The bikes go up to 50km, so it’s the perfect way to cruise around town and get to see all parts of our pueblo. Sayulita is not just the four main streets of the plaza and the main beach; there is so much more in our beautiful town to see and explore/experience! Walking around can quickly become very exhausting, especially in the heat, and a car is impossible on some roads, as well as expensive to rent. People sometimes use golf carts here, but they don’t always make it on our difficult roads or jungle paths. However, our electric bikes are capable of accessing any road, they are easier to park than a car or golf cart, they are sporty, and simple to use for any age. Most importantly, they can get you to more awesome places in Sayulita that other transportation methods cannot, all while being an eco-conscious form of transportation. We rent the bikes for people who want a quick and easy way to move around town, but we also primarily do bike tours of the beach, tours in the jungle, and tours to more secluded or hidden beaches.

What makes your business unique in the Sayulita community? 

I haven't seen these types of bikes anywhere in all of Mexico! Also the large/ fat tires make them perfect for our bumpy Sayulita roads and off-road jungle paths. 

*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri