May 7, 2020 sayulitablog 0Comment

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Lopez-Gatell announced the curve is flatting. Simultaneously, Mexico recorded its biggest single-day increase to the COVID-19 death toll.

Lopez-Gatell announced that thanks to all the preventative measures that had been put in place, case numbers were now doubling every 6 days whereas previously they had been doubling every 2 days. He clarified that just because we are flattening the curve doesn’t mean the curve is flat or that we don’t have an epidemic. The social distancing initiative that officially started March 23 has succeeded in keeping Covid-19 infections approx. 75% lower than what they were estimated to be.

While the curve is flattening in most states, Covid-19 case numbers have recently risen sharply in Morelos, Nayarit and San Luis Potosi. Lopez-Gatell emphasized that we can only continue to flatten the curve by staying home.

Overall, Mexico’s numbers are encouraging as Mexico has sufficient space capacity in the health system to respond to the pandemic’s peak.

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