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Pro Sayulita to the rescue!

Just a day before the event at Los Tabachines, Pro Sayulita was contacted by one of the teachers at the Secondaria. They were in dire need of pathway lighting into the schoolyard and classrooms. The only light they have on the grounds is a municipal pole right at the entrance to the yard. At this time of year, the rest of the yard is in total darkness. Yes, TOTAL darkness! You cannot see your hand in front of your face!

After a bit of discussion, the Board of Directors sourced some solar motion lights and the wheels were set in motion.

The event had quite a turnout. It was estimated 50-60 people, and 126 total guests were in attendance. We had a captive audience! Immediately after dinner (delicious tacos from Yeikame) we entered into our door prizes and 50/50 draw. Then the "ask" for money started for the lights for the Secondaria. Hands shot up so fast, we could barely keep up with the pledges! We soon had enough funding to buy lighting for the Secondaria, really within a minute or two.

The lamps were presented to the Secondaria Superintendent, (María Elena Landey Hernández), the  Principal (Karina Mejía Martínez) and one of the teachers ( (Patricia Duarte Marquez)  in front of a group of 7th and 9th-grade students on Tuesday morning by three members of the Board of Directors of Pro Sayulita, Laura Maiz (President), Janice Parker (Secretary) and Sue -Ann MacCara (Vocale).

THANK YOU to all who donated to this very important cause.  

Written by Janice Parker, Grupo Pro Sayulita

Edited by Amy Rose Pearson