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Full Name: Ma. Natividad Rodríguez Trujillo 

AKA? The Naty from Natys Cocina

Age: 52 years old

Where are you originally from? Sayulita, Nay 

How long have you lived in Sayulita? I have lived in Sayulita all my life.

How did Natys Cocina begin?

The journey began in September 2010, just before a powerful storm struck Sayulita and caused the bridge to collapse. I vividly remember it was a Monday when everything was set to start. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, I had to postpone the opening until the following week.

I started Natys with a humble setup—a single table placed outside my house, right where the shop is currently located. It was a simple yet promising beginning. I spent a year selling from that spot, catering to customers with the help of my dedicated family, including my mom and a few cousins.

After a year of operating from the makeshift table, I took the leap to establish a proper shop. The vision was unfolding, and step by step, I transformed the dream into a reality. It was an exciting time of growth and expansion. With the support and assistance of my loved ones, we made it all possible. Family played a crucial role in making Natys thrive, and I am grateful for their unwavering support and contribution.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Sayulita over the years?

There has been a significant transformation in the town's infrastructure, the diversity of its residents, and its economic landscape.

Where is your favorite spot/ favorite thing to do in all of Sayulita?

I love to Spend time by the sea and enjoy the company of my family.

What is your favorite memory of Sayulita?

I have countless memories, although I can't recall all of them. Working alongside my mom has always been a constant in my life. She used to run a "cenaduria" and sold delicious tacos. We also owned a restaurant called "Buena Vista," which occupied the same space where Xochi is currently located. In the 1990s, the restaurant served tacos and sandwiches.

The sea was our playground, and attending dances in the town square brought us joy and entertainment. Waiting for the arrival of rains holds a special place in our memories. In 1993, I left for the United States and didn't return until 2009 with my children.

During our youthful years, we frequented the makeshift "cinema" behind "Alas Blancas." Movies were projected onto a blank wall, and I distinctly remember how we would bring our own chairs to gather with friends and enjoy the show.

Anything else you might want to share (this could be a great story from the past/ present)?

I have countless cherished memories of the rainy season during my childhood. As soon as the first droplets began to fall from the sky my sister, brothers, and I eagerly ventured outside, ready to embrace the refreshing downpour. We would dance and play in the streets and in the town plaza.

But we were not alone in our love for the rain. Our cousins and friends would join us in our escapades. Together, we would all dash towards the sea, we would also explore the streets, searching for the magical streams of water that formed on the rooftops of houses. We would jump and frolic under the showers.

Now, in my present, I am immensely grateful for the blessings that surround me. I have been blessed with two wonderful children, Natalie and Carlos, who bring immeasurable happiness to my life. Additionally, I am fortunate to have the unwavering support and love of my mother, Mrs. Teresa Trujillo González as well as my siblings, Juan, Manuel, Cruz, Rubén, and Zenaida.



Pictured; From Left to right Cruz, Xóchitl , Zenaida, Naty and Rubén.

Cover image; Zenaida, Sra. Teresa Trujillo and Naty