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Kelly Guenther is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of professional experience. She opened her first studio in NYC in 2001, and since then has shot over 300 weddings. Kelly began her career as a freelance news photographer for The New York Times during 9/11. From here she decided to make a change. ¨Honestly, I needed to photograph happier things for my mental health, so I started the wedding photojournalism business!¨ At this time it was the year 2002, and the idea of just documenting the day and not directing it was a new concept. Wedding photography as a…

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With many years of experience working in the vacation rental industry in Northern California, and owning her own vacation rental properties in the region, Dawn, owner of Casago, saw a need for a more sophisticated and efficient system to renting out private property.  So in February 2020, Dawn decided to team up with the Casago brand to usher in the highest of industry standards and technology to the vacation rental market in Sayulita. Casago Sayulita offers homeowners an alternative to self-managing their vacation rental properties. It started with the simple idea that the owner’s best interest should always be their…

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Cocktails with a side of sustainability? Coming right up! With over a decade of professional on-location bartending service experience and ensuring an eco-conscious approach to private events, you can be assured that responsibility and integrity are top priorities for the MateRaicilla team. MateRaicilla in Sayulita offers a unique, on-location bartending and craft cocktail service ideal for private events, retreats, weddings, and parties. MateRaicilla was founded in 2020 by Israel and Alina of Sayulita, who combine their Mexican and Argentinian backgrounds with their passion for artisanal cocktails, good music, top-notch service, and protecting the environment. The duo recently expanded their team…

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If you’re into the Sayulita nightlife scene, you’ve likely stopped into a local’s favorite, Lucid Restaurant & Bar, for an ice cold cocktail and live music – but what you may not know is that Lucid also serves up a tasty breakfast (or brunch if you were indulging there the night before…) The breakfast kitchen at Lucid is managed by Sofia, a long-time resident of Sayulita. She always found joy in cooking and creating memorable, positive experiences for people through food and beverages. Sofia guarantees her guests the best breakfast in town at very accessible prices.  Located just steps from the…

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With his seasoned background and professional expertise, you can count on Ky for your next photo printing project. Ky's Imagery offers exquisite, high-quality HD photo printing in 8.5X11" and 13X19" prints on smooth pearl paper. Using only the best photo paper and top-of-the-line dry ink printers driven by Lightroom and Photoshop, you can trust that the job will get done right. Recently married? New baby? Family Reunion? Ky’s Imagery can also put together a beautifully printed memory book package for you. Travel packaging is provided with all prints.
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Bust a move & break it down now y'all! When you think of breakdancing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You might envision breakdancing as a “dance battle” type of scenario -- two guys in a dark club, dramatically battling it out on the dance floor in an attempt to win some type of “street cred” on who is the best dancer. The crowd cheers each performer on as they compete with increasingly intense and cool dance moves to try to insult or “outdance” the other. Of course, this is how the movies always make it out to be. If you’re anything like me, you might think that breakdancing looks like a total magic trick. How do they bend their body that way? How exactly do they do that with their arms and legs at the same time? A mixture of dance, isolations, contortions, and performance, breakdancing is an incredibly high-energy event to watch, and even more fun to try to learn. Sayulita Team is a team of breakdancers bringing performances and breakdancing lessons right here to Sayulita!
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Naty's Cocina, also known locally as Naty’s Tacos, has become an iconic point of reference when visiting Sayulita; it’s a must try when here in town! A simple and very affordable menu, along with a variety of flavors and vegetarian options, makes Naty’s Cocina a favorite choice for easy and tasty street tacos here in Sayulita. The chicken mole, rajas con elote (poblano peppers with corn), and potato tacos are some of the most well known and favorite menu options Naty’s has to offer. In Sayulita, Naty’s Cocina is as commonly known as the main beach and the plaza. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, you’ll soon want to!
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Green and Inexhaustible Energy in Sayulita will not only save you huge amounts of money on energy bills, but they are the right step towards using renewable energy. Green & Inexhaustible Energy in Sayulita is a solar and renewable energy company that covers all aspects of building your solar energy needs as well as any maintenance. Now is the time to go green! Continue reading for more information about Green & Inexhaustible Energy’s services from owner, Miguel.