March 16, 2018 sayulitablog 0Comment
You know how the saying goes...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That's just what 6 year old Maple Sitchon suggested. "You know what we can do with these lemons, Jan?", Maple said. "We can make lemonade! My Mom and me LOVE making lemonade!"
Later that morning, we all took a walk to SayulitAnimals to see the 10 new puppies being cared for at the clinic. Maple and her two brothers, Mika and Charley, instantly fell in love with all of them. The family decided they would take a puppy home. On our way home, Maple asked if we could make a lemonade stand as a fundraiser for SayulitAnimals.
At 2 o'clock on Feb. 25th, we opened the stand at our casita in Sayulita Trailer Park. All 20 of the Stoneberg party, visiting from Minnesota, converged at the stand and the frenzy began! Within 20 minutes, we sold 8 liters of homemade lemonade and limonada, raising just over 3,800 pesos!
What an amazing holiday project for a little girl from Westport, ON, Canada! Well done, Maple!
Next time you and your family are visiting Sayulita, think what project you can do to help make a difference! Maple sure did!
Written by: Janice Parker