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Sisters, Lola and Miriam, originally from Guadalajara, are the owners of Colectivo Floral in Sayulita. Having a passion for flowers and floral design, creating unique floral arrangements is their forte.
When did you start Colectivo Floral?
Our flowers and decoration project started in Guadalajara about 8 years ago. When I, Lola, decided to live in Sayulita, we changed the name to Colectivo Floral to give it a fresher sounding name. However, we still have customers in Guadalajara that know us by our names, rather than the business name.
What is it about floral design that drew you to it?
What drew us the most to floral design is the opportunity to be creative with the use of nature, and using flowers gives us the chance to use amazing colors and textures, creating something beautiful. We also love being able to see and feel the reaction these designs make in other people.
How did you get your start in the floral business?
We started making small arrangements in our small patio at home; our firsts jobs were to decorate houses, not events, and little by little we received recommendations and one thing led to another. Before we knew it, we found ourselves creating entire weddings and corporate events for big enterprises, like herbalife and expo Guadalajara. That's when we found that we would like best to start our business in a smaller place, where we could be more tranquil (relaxed) and enjoy more what we do.
Would you describe one of your favorite floral designs that you’ve created?
It was a flower decoration for a wedding. It had a log and we mixed geometric figures of cristal and succulents, orchids, and proteas, among other flowers. It even had candles. It was like a fusion between modern and ethnic.
What are your favorite flowers to work with in Sayulita and why?
It's hard to answer that because we really like so many flowers. I guess it all comes down to what we feel  would be great for each occasion, depending on for who we are creating it. I guess if we had to choose, it would be Lisianthus.
For what type of events does Colectivo Floral create floral arrangements?
We make decorations for weddings, engagement dinners, wedding rehearsals, baptisms, or any other event in general.
You also do custom floral designs for one’s home. Will you share more about this?
We can manage that, and we have done that in the past, but we would need to know one week in advance. We also do a minimum purchase order.
At Colectivo Floral in Sayulita, you also sell home décor items. What type of items do you have?
We have ceramic pots, cushions, mobile decoration, and people can order furniture on catalogue.
Anything else you’d like to add?
We welcome anyone to come to Colectivo Floral and meet us and talk. Usually we are not open all day long, so it would be best to make an appointment via email. You can reach us through our Sayulita Life Colectivo Floral webpage.
By: Stacey Elkins