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Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, Irving's bi-lingual chauffeured transportation services, Palmera Transportation in Sayulita, takes you where you want to go, on time, and with that natural-born Mexican hospitality!

Who's Irving in a nutshell?

I'm originally from Mexico City and came to work in Puerta Vallarta eleven years ago when I started working for Delta Airlines at the Puerto Vallarta airport. From a young age, I loved to be socially involved, being around people of all ages and cultures, and learning from them. However, I believe working at the airport for many years has truly taught me how to serve customers with a smile and an open heart. When I started to explore the area of Nayarit, I stumbled upon Sayulita and fell in love with the local friendliness. I love the laid-back lifestyle and the authentic Mexican vibes you can still savor in Sayulita. When I started Palmera Transportation, there was no doubt in my mind I wanted it to be based in Sayulita.

You have always worked in tourism. What lies at the root of this passion?

The drive behind Palmera Transportation lies in my passion to make a difference. I enjoy sharing happy moments with people from all over the globe. I am also very passionate about my country in general and Sayulita specifically. Being able to give people the real taste of Mexico, and see the glow in their eyes, that's what makes me the happiest.

What services does Palmera Transportation offer?

Most importantly, we offer punctual, responsible, and bi-lingual services. We want your vacation to start from the very moment you arrive at the airport. We will welcome you after a long flight so you can lean back and enjoy the beautiful Mexican scenery passing by your window. Apart from airport transportation, we offer grocery stops on the way from the airport, and we also offer a wide variety of tours and trips.

If you had to pick one must-see in the area, what would be your favorite?

Watching the sunset from Monkey Mountain is an absolutely stunning view, and after many years in the area, still my personal favorite! Making your way to the top, you will be hiking through a lush jungle area that makes for a great grounding and unwinding experience.

How does your Mexican background add to the overall experience of your services?

Mexican hospitality is very well-known all around the world. At Palmera Transportation, we try to intertwine that cultural warmth into all of our services. We are happiest when we see you smile!

Yes! We'd like to use your reliable services, how can we book?

Please contact us at Palmera Transportation through the Sayulita Life website, or call us at 322 173 1556, or from a US phone +52 322 173 1556. We also reach us via WhatsApp.

Written By: Inge Poell