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Colegio Costa Verde is a private, international school here in Sayulita. It is having its annual fundraiser with the theme of “Havana Nights” in order to raise funds for the school’s scholarship program. Parent and lead organizer Niki Bhattacharya tells me more about the school and the importance of this fundraiser for our local children of Sayulita.

Niki, for those who don't know, can you tell us more about the school? When was it first founded, how many years has it been up and running, how many students attend, & how many of those are local vs. international children?

In 2008 a group of parents banded together to create the Costa Verde International School. Their children were just old enough to move beyond the preschool they had attended and there were few viable options. The local public school was plagued with issues of overcrowding, lack of second language support, absence of learning materials, limited hours, and underpaid and under-trained teachers. Other options were available in Bucerias (30 minutes away) and Puerto Vallarta (45 minutes away), but the parents all believed the 30-45 minute drive through the winding hills of the jungle every day was potentially dangerous, and certainly more time than they wanted for their children to be in the car each day. It simply didn't feel right! Given the philanthropic nature of the founders, they did not want an elitist private school. The corporation that was created to start the school was done as an “asociadad civil”, or *SOCIEDAD CIVIL (similar to a non-profit corporation in other countries),  in order to ensure that all profits the school produced would be put directly back into education. They wanted the school to give back to the community by establishing an extremely high rate of scholarships for locals, and by spreading a vision of ecology to its students and families. Future plans were created to include a Community Center and a Sustainable Resource Center. These plans are still part of the vision of the school! Currently around 170 students attend CVIS. We have an approximate 40%/60% split between foreigner and local children at the school. Of that split, we have approximately 50% of the local children on scholarships.

When and where is the fundraiser this year? The theme is “Havana Nights”, what sort of outfit inspiration ideas can you suggest for guests?

The fundraiser is on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the Don Pedro’s Brisa Mar Palapa. The theme is Havana Nights! Think lively salsa dancing, big bands, delicious street food, Cuba libres, and more! Just think “Havana nights outfit”, and you will get so many ideas; florals and 1950’s dresses.

When did this fundraiser first begin and what do all of the proceeds go towards?

This fundraiser is put on by the Fundraising Committee, and 100% of the proceeds go to the CVIS scholarship program. The amount of money raised directly determines how many scholarships the school offers for the next year, which is why it is so important. This is the 11th year of the fundraiser.

How many students rely on these scholarships and why are they so important?

The amount of money raised directly determines how many scholarships the school offers for the next school year. All the children at CVIS rely on this fundraiser, either to attend school or to enhance their educational experience though classroom diversity. As mentioned previously, approximately 50% of the local children rely on these scholarships.

How much are the tickets and what are the different packages/options?

The price for one Regular Ticket is $1200 pesos/$60 USD. With this you receive a welcome drink, dinner, entertainment, subasta, and dancing as per usual, but you will not be guaranteed seating at a table. There will be lounge and bar seating for people to rotate throughout the evening. These are perfect for the movers and shakers! The other option for a ticket is $18,000 pesos/$1,000 USD for a regular table (there are 10-12 tables available). With this option you get a table for 10 reserved under your name, and you have the seats for the whole night. You also receive welcome drinks, dinner, entertainment, subasta, and dancing. Finally, for $25,200 pesos/$1,400 USD you can purchase a VIP table (we have 3-5 tables for this). With this option you receive bottle(s) of liquor, drink service, auction concierge, an appetizer platter, priority for dinner, etc. These tables are front and center and ready for all the action of the live auction and entertainment! IN SHORT - IF YOU WANT A GUARANTEED SEAT - GET 9 OF YOUR FRIENDS TOGETHER AND BUY A TABLE. FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE! WE WILL SELL OUT OF THESE FAST, SO RESERVE ONE TODAY!

Can anyone in the community attend, and where can we purchase tickets?

YES! The event is open to anyone with a ticket. Tickets can be purchased on the school’s website, and in the office at the school. Tickets can also be purchased at the fundraising website. We can’t wait to see you there!



*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri