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Art has the unique ability to transcend us into alternate realities and spaces; it can tell stories, remind us of our past or of loved ones, and can open our eyes and inspire us to see something we’ve never thought or dreamed of before. In essence, art creates a shared connection. 

In Sayulita, we are lucky to have a thriving community of diverse artists, and our beautiful, colorful pueblo magico truly reflects this sentiment, as it is normal to see bright, vivid paintings all over town. Antonio Hernandez is a local muralist, whose stunning work you’ve probably already seen on Sayulita’s walls and buildings. I speak with Antonio, and he tells me about himself and his passion for painting murals in Sayulita. 

Antonio, first can you tell readers a bit about yourself? Where are you from and how did you end up in Sayulita? 

I am originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. I started coming to Sayulita in 2001 for vacations, but just to visit each time, and I didn’t stay permanently. I decided to move to Sayulita full time around three years ago, in 2016. I moved here because I really fell in love with Sayulita over my years of visiting, and I have many good friends that I made here. I started to practice surfing last year, and that is something new for me; I've been having a lot of fun! 

When did your passion for art first begin? Do you do other art work besides painting?

I've been painting all of my life. I studied drawing when I was a kid, but art was also always sort of a natural talent of mine. I started gaining more and more experience through the paintings I would do every day ever since. Besides painting I am also a musician- I studied music in school. I am a saxophone player.

What sorts of artistic ventures have you completed already in Sayulita?

I have done murals all over town. I have one mural on the back of SayulitAnimals, and I did one for Manjares Restaurant, Paraíso Yoga, Aria lounge, SayuParque, and I have also done some for private homes. I 've been painting more animals than anything else because I love them so much, so you will often see them as the focus of most of my work. 

What services could you offer for local businesses in town if they were to hire you? 

I think with my art I can bring more life to the walls, buildings, stones, or any surface really! By painting a mural at your business or on the outside of your home etc., you are creating a beautiful and artistic atmosphere that allows for a more engaged customer or audience, thus bringing more attention and interest to your place.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri