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Quiverito Surf Shop in Sayulita is a mindfully curated boutique surf shop located on Calle Marlin, just meters from Sayulita's main beach & break. A laid-back and charming shop, it is a classic "Mom & Pop" type of surf shop, proudly selling handmade, hand picked items, and often playing vintage vinyl on their record player. Quiverito Surf Shop is an essential shop to visit while exploring Sayulita or looking for surf lessons and rentals. Owners Brian and Cristina tell me more about their shop and what makes it unique, in a surf town saturated with places for surf lessons and rentals.

First, can you tell readers a bit about yourselves and how you came to Sayulita?

We are Brian and Cristina, and are originally from Long Island, New York. In 2015, we moved to Sayulita when we bought Quiverito. I (Cristina) have a degree in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology and was previously working as an Art Teacher in New York City, and Brian has an Ocean Engineering degree from the University of Rhode Island and was working as an Engineer before moving to Sayulita. It's hard to say what we love most about our now living permanently in our Pueblo Magico, but I think it is the close knit community, the natural beauty of the area, and the amazing food that we love the most!

When and why did you open Quiverito surf shop? 

After being under previous ownership, we officially reopened Quiverito in October of 2015. We both wanted to start a new life where we could be fully immersed in doing what we love-- both surfing and art, with the goal of making a great shop to share our passions with travelers and Sayulita locals alike. 

What does “Quiverito” mean?

In surfing, the word "quiver" is slang for a collection of surfboards. Thus, “Quiverito” just means “little quiver.”  

What sort of products and / or services do you offer to customers at your shop?

We offer high-end surfboard rentals, tours, and lessons. Additionally, we hand-print our own T-shirts with original designs, and have a great selection of handmade products, such as art, jewelry, sunscreen, wax, etc.

What makes Quiverito surf shop unique and special, especially here in Sayulita with so many other surf shops to choose from?

Our boards are different than others in town; our rentals are more geared towards surfers who are traveling who do not want to bring their equipment with them and risk it getting broken by airlines or pay baggage fees. Therefore, basically we hope our rental boards resemble what our clientele would want to surf at home. Also, our clients can change boards as much as they'd like, so they have over 35 boards at their disposal and to choose from. Furthermore, we offer small group tours and “dawn patrols”, or early morning surf adventures with the sunrise. We are a small shop with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our retail is specially curated towards small, local businesses, & artists that we know and love.

What is your own personal experience or expertise in surfing, surf related products, and services?

Brian has been surfing for 17 years and has surfed all over the United States, as well as other countries. From his Ocean Engineering background, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to reading swell charts and surf reports for what surf spots will be good, and when. This is helpful when planning surf lessons and tours with clients. He is also experienced in surfboard design. Our amazing employees grew up surfing in this area, and are incredibly knowledgeable about the best local spots for surfing.

Quiverito Surf Shop is open daily from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. They are kid friendly, offer private and group classes/lessons, and offer local discounts. They have special rates for big groups, wedding parties, and long-term rentals available as well. 


Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri