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Nirvanna Spa in Sayulita was first established on October 2nd of 2002. With many years of experience in serving clients in Sayulita, Nirvanna Spa is already well-known for having the best massage therapists and for having a reputation of being professional and careful with details. Nirvanna Spa is excited to announce two new interesting and unique services they will be offering to the community that cannot be found at other spas in the area. The new services Nirvanna spa are now offering are: the 4 Element Rituals, and Temazcal Ceremonies. Luis Rubalcava, brand and sales manager at Nirvanna, tells me more about these new offerings.

Hi Luis. Can you please tell readers a bit more about these new services-- how are they unique, helpful, or beneficial for not only tourists, but anyone in the community? 

Both services are focused on personal growth and self-knowledge, particularly the 4-element ritual, which allows the guest to meet their base element, which will help them understand themselves and better know their weaknesses and strengths. The experience of the 4-element Ritual is the opportunity to connect with your senses through sensory therapies that activate them, in this way one becomes perceptive to the benefits that these rituals offer. We take different therapies and put them together to create this synergy. For example, for the fire ritual, pre-Hispanic elements are mixed together with hot stones and fire cupping. For the earth ritual, different natural clays are used to make a body wrap. In the water ritual, the synergy of essential oils is the trigger for the senses. And in the air ritual, sensory experiences are achieved with the use of Tibetan bowls, feathers, and other elements. 

In the same way, the temazcal is a medicinal ritual in which the participant finds their fears and faces them, apart from cleansing the body and mind with steam with scents. Living the experience of the temazcal for me is an incredible experience, since you arrive and begin to participate in what a prayer was like for pre-Hispanic peoples. And then, you enter the temazcal, which in a few words could be described as a steam room, but you enter together with the rest of the participants and they begin to put red-hot volcanic stones into the center of the temazcal. Then, they close the door and begin to pour water with essences on the stones, generating an instantaneous steam throughout the interior. The senses are sharpened, and one’s head starts to work a lot, then you start to understand, you start to flow, you sing along with the guide and other participants, you share your feelings, and then you start to clear your thoughts and your mind. The complete ritual is divided into 4 parts, called the 4 doors; new stones are placed in each door that have previously been heated in a bonfire known as the grandfather fire, a total of 52 stones are put inside the temazcal throughout the ritual, and the duration is usually 2 to 3 hours. At the end everyone is released and they cool down with fresh water and hydrate with water, tea, juice, and fruit. Finally, everyone talks and shares what their experience was like.

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know? 

We would like readers to know that they can follow us on our social media networks, where we constantly post about current promotions and events. We are on Instagram at @Nirvannaspasayulita. We also want people to know that we are very excited to offer these new experiences that we have been preparing with lots of love for our guests.

For more information, please visit Nirvanna Spa’s Sayulita Life web page.

*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri