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Sayulita Life has chosen local animal rescue organization Wet Noses to receive the $5,000 peso donation for the month of February. Wet Noses Animal Rescue is an animal rescue aimed toward rehabilitation, placing animals in loving homes, and spreading awareness about animal neglect and how to prevent it. The rescue has recently applied to be an official non-profit organization here in Sayulita. The founder of Wet Noses Rescue, Kristi Lahr, talks more about Wet Noses’s mission and how others can help their cause. 

What is Wet Noses Rescue’s overall mission and vision?

Our goal at Wet Noses Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place adoptable companion animals with loving families. This will give them a second chance at life, while educating the public about the important role we all play in providing a safer and happier world for our furry friends. We believe that no animals should have to endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect.

When was Wet Noses Rescue first created?

Our team members have been selflessly dedicating their energies and efforts on their own for years, attending the calling of their own hearts. This naturally led to crossing paths with each other, and recently we decided to join our efforts. This way we hope to have a bigger impact on the community and improve the quality of life of more animals in need.

What will Sayulita Life’s donation go toward purchasing and how will this help your cause?

Sayulita Life’s donation will help us with our goals in providing:

- Food

- Veterinary services

- Spay & Neuter clinics

- Cleaning supplies

- Sheltering

- Creating an outreach community program

How can others get involved?

Rescuing and rehabilitating animals is a very demanding activity that requires significant resources. You can help by fostering, adopting, or donating (cash or goods). You can send us an email, or visit our website (not yet completed, but soon to be!)

Another way is to simply get involved on your own! Abandonment and animal cruelty are sadly very pervasive in our communities. We are all either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Get involved; even small actions can make a difference.

*Since its founding in 2004, SayulitaLife.com has been dedicated to giving back to the community of Sayulita. In our 15th year as a company, Sayulita Life has created the “Giving Fund”, where we have pledged to donate $5,000 pesos EVERY MONTH to a local charity or cause. Read more at https://www.sayulitalife.com/giving-back.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri