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Bust a move & break it down now y'all! When you think of breakdancing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You might envision breakdancing as a “dance battle” type of scenario -- two guys in a dark club, dramatically battling it out on the dance floor in an attempt to win some type of “street cred” on who is the best dancer. The crowd cheers each performer on as they compete with increasingly intense and cool dance moves to try to insult or “outdance” the other. Of course, this is how the movies always make it out to be. If you’re anything like me, you might think that breakdancing looks like a total magic trick. How do they bend their body that way? How exactly do they do that with their arms and legs at the same time? A mixture of dance, isolations, contortions, and performance, breakdancing is an incredibly high-energy event to watch, and even more fun to try to learn. Sayulita Team is a team of breakdancers bringing performances and breakdancing lessons right here to Sayulita! 

The Sayulita Team is a championship breakdance performance crew that offers energetic and acrobatic style shows or performances for private events and weddings, as well as one on one and group lessons. The group is new to Sayulita, as it was formed just seven months ago, around the month of November, 2021. In addition to performing live shows every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. in Sayulita’s plaza, the Sayulita Team gives free beginner’s lessons following their performances. 

The team consists of just four members, each with different styles and experiences, including some with trophies from the best breakdancing competitions in Mexico. B-Boy Isaias “Monkey Fly”, originally from Manzanillo, Colima, has been performing for over 11 years and has proudly won a few 1st place prizes in National 1 vs 1 competitions. B-Boy Salvador “Azker”, known best for his complex footwork, freezes, and hand moves, has over 9 years of experience dancing in crews, has won various 1 vs 1 competitions, and finished 2nd place in the 2 vs 2 national competition in Guadalajara.

Salvador, “Azker” explains what he likes most about being a B-Boy: “I like both teaching dance and the acting aspect of the performance. It gives me motivation to continue training harder because I realize how much the audience admires and values the work we do and the discipline it takes. The performances are rewarding because it is incredible to look at the smiles of each person that is watching, and the best thing is to transmit the energy of each movement we make to the people.”

If you haven’t seen these guys perform yet, you’re missing out! The energy, fun, and skill they bring to performances is infectious. You’ll want to be busting moves alongside them in no time! Check them out in the main plaza on Monday nights starting at 8:00 p.m.

For more information about the Sayulita Team, or to book them for an event, please visit their Sayulita Life web page.

*Written by Aanya Sheikh-Taheri