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Based in Sayulita, Acuario Solar and Water works with all things involved with clean energy. With a background in developing and scaling systems that are sustainable around the world, the mission of Acuario is to install clean energy systems with maximum long-term value.

After coming to Sayulita, the Aquario team came to the realization that there was no store that offered solar services to those that were interested. This is when they came up with the idea of creating Aquario. The Aquario team is a group of clean tech, innovators that have over two decades of experience installing solar and water systems. Their main goal with starting Aquario is to rapidly increase the use of clean energy to make Sayulita into "The most resilient Pueblo in all of Mexico". The team wants to help foster a sustainable future that allows this town to thrive while adapting to the ever growing infrastructure. 

In order to create a customized services for their clients they begin with clearly understanding what the clients needs are. This is done by ensuring that all solar and water projects are properly vetted and analyzed by their expert staff. After the goals are made specific, the Acuario team is then able to customize the ideal solution for the client. Something that sets Aquario apart is that they have a smooth global supply chain implemented. This allows them access to equipment that no other company in Nayarit/Mexico can provide and ensures that the results that Aquario offer are top-of-the-line systems that you can not find anywhere else.

Some of the key clean energy services that Acuario provides include Alkaline Water and Solar Energy Systems. They offer a bi-weekly subscription delivery service that provides fresh, locally sourced alkaline water straight to your door in 19L garrafones and in-home water purification systems that are available for purchase. Pertaining to their Solar Power systems, they provide customized on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar systems for both residential and commercial projects. The team has access to the best technology that you can find in Mexico, including battery backup systems that are able to power your home or hotel completely off the grid (no CFE).

The group at Aquario has multi-level experience with Matias as the team lead engineer. He has led a team of experts in Argentina for the last decade installing state-of-the-art solar projects for both residential and commercial communities. Tyler, the teams lead energizer, has invented numerous solar applications as well as energy solutions to disaster-stricken communities following hurricanes Maria and Irma. Tess is the Patrona de Agua who is a detail-oriented water specialist. She has a background in running numbers different businesses and knows how to provide expectational service to those who are interested in water delivery or in-home water systems.

Recently Aquario Solar assisted Matthew, the owner of a boutique hotel called Hotel Cinetica upgrade his property with a hybrid off-grid solar system. In the past, since the hotel is located in a rural area of town, they have suffered from multiple power outages and the Aquario Team helped them transition the hotel to a solar system. Matthew couldn't be happier! See for yourself how happy he was with their service:

"We operate a tiny hotel/AirBnB complex in the jungle, between playas Patzcuarito and Patzcuaro. Historically, we've had (like a lot of places in the area) somewhat unpredictable electricity. As such, we recently made the decision to install a pretty big solar+storage solution to insulate us from that unpredictability. After a bit of a search, we settled on the team at Acquario to do the project. In a word: amazing. Outstanding responsiveness. Clear communication. Flexible and relentless project/supply management. Close to on-time completion and within budget expectations (not a trivial thing in these days of global supply chain disruptions!). We turned the system on a few weeks ago, and have used less than 1kWh of power from CFE. We recommend this team without hesitation."

- Matthew, Owner of Cinetica

The main goal that this team wants to acheive is to be able to positively impact the community and provide free educational classes. They also want to begin hosting children's workshops to educate the future generations about the benefits of sustainable solutions. With the dedication and passion that the Aquario team has, there is no doubt that in their future they will be able to achieve all of their goals and more. If you are interested in any of their services or have any questions, feel free to visit their Sayulita Life page or visit there office located on the Punta Mita highway next to the Meson de Perro hotel.