June 1, 2022 sayulitablog 0Comment

Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation for June goes towards The Vigilantes Ambiental. The Vigilantes of Sayulita are here to protect the surrounding environment of Sayulita including the trees, the turtles, and their eggs and all other wildlife. This month's donation will go toward the group's expenses needed to continue to protect the environment. Felipe (Chilly), the leader of this group, took the time to tell us about the services and how this donation will offer a helping hand. 

For 18 years now, Chilly has been taking visitors on hiking tours through the jungle. He started this group with the motive to protect the indigenous jungle and the town water. Chilly saw how the jungle has started to disappear over the years and he wants to do everything he can to protect it from turning into a concrete jungle. With that, he fights to protect all wildlife.

Chilly has lived in Sayulita his whole life. He is a fisherman, he surfs and he provides for his family who have a seafood restaurant here in Sayulita. He was given an official badge called “Presidente de la mesa directive del comite”

The donation from Sayulita Life will go toward gas, vehicle maintenance, and anything that goes towards protecting the animals and jungle such as equipment, medicine, or first aid products to protect animals. If there is a wild animal and you don’t know what to do with it, leave it alone and contact him (see phone number below). He will know what to do and handle it with care.

Their current mission for the summer is to plant trees around town to make town more green and create more clean air. They are going to plant around 400 trees, and they will receive more. They are getting trees from the Secretaria de la Defencia who will come and help plant and water for 1 year, after that Chilly will take care of the trees.

"It doesn’t matter where you come from, Sayulita is a paradise that we all fall in love with every day. All of us together can preserve and maintain the town's magic."

Please consider tipping for their services. All donations are appreciated and accepted. Please contact Chilly at +52-322-169-9070