August 29, 2023 Natalia Reca 0Comment

This month’s Sayulita Life $5000 donation to Casa Clu, holds the promise of making a substantial impact on the lives of children as they embark on the exciting journey of a new school year. The focus of this donation is to provide essential school supplies for the upcoming back-to-school period, ensuring that these young learners have the tools they need to thrive in their educational endeavors. With the allocated funds, Sayulita Life has chosen to invest in the future of these students by purchasing 34 backpacks, 100 notebooks, and pens for each and every child.

Who is the donation intended for?

Casa Clu AC, a civil association, and a recreational center for children in the community of San Ignacio Nayarit, a rural community, which is just a 10-minute drive from Sayulita.

What is the organization and what do they do? 

We operate as a recreational center within this community, with a primary focus on engaging children through art, sports, education, and fostering a joyful expression of emotions and affections. Our aim is to provide these children with emotional support and joyful experiences so that they can carry cherished memories of their childhood into their adulthood. Our mission is to enhance their present moments with happiness, to craft beautiful recollections of their formative years, and to present them with a spectrum of choices for their future, ensuring they understand that there isn't just a solitary path, but a multitude of possibilities. Our approach is grounded in education and setting a positive example. We've established a token-based system in which children earn stars or points for participating in workshops, lending a hand, displaying good behavior, and more. Every 15 days, they can redeem these points for school supplies, backpacks, art materials, games, sports equipment, coloring books, and more.

How long has the organization been in existence? 

Thirteen years ago, we initiated our involvement with the community and its children. This marked the organic commencement of our work with the children. Our official recognition as a civil association came in 2013, making it a decade since we achieved formal acknowledgment.

Where can people donate? 

For online donations, you can visit our website at, or you can find more information on our blog at

If you would prefer to make an in-person donation, you can drop them off at Atico or Juca Bar in Sayulita.

Anything else you'd like to add? 

What we are actively seeking are sponsorships, particularly from those willing to commit to our cause, our children, and the positive change we aim to create. Whether individuals are interested in sponsoring a workshop, a workshop leader, psychological assistance, operational aspects, or projects like the irrigation initiative in our garden, we offer a range of sponsorship opportunities.

Alternatively, individuals can also contribute by becoming monthly donors or by making in-kind donations. In-kind donations can include educational materials, various types of toys, and gently used children's clothing (please note that we currently do not accept donations for adults).