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Casa Esperanza women’s shelter is free for women and their children escaping violence in the home. The shelter is more than just a shelter, it provides legal and psychological aid for the women and children, 24 hour nurse, education, work skills, helps find work and a safe new home for the families, and even provides small no interest loans. They average a stay up to 90days though they can leave earlier. They serve the Puerto Vallarta region including Bahia de Banderas, and have another location in Guanajuato. The location remains secret to protect the safety of those fleeing violence. Families are admitted to the shelter through various authorities including the Center of Justice for Women in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta. For extreme cases, they are also affiliated with programs in other countries and immigration when staying in Mexico has too dangerous.

Casa Esperanza is a registered charity in Jalisco, and a 501(c) in the United States.

The fundraiser on November 28 was a happy hour with tapas hosted by Sayulita’s well known chef Andrea Nardo, with music by Jaqueline Rae, and a silent auction made possible by many local Sayulita businesses. The timing was perfect as November 25th is the International Day to End Violence Against Women.

This registered charity means a lot to me because it is a very practical and effective way to help women who have already taken the steps to a life free of violence. It gives hope to the children that they too can choose a different path. I have visited the shelter and met with the employees of Casa Esperanza along with the founder, and cannot emphasize enough how compassionate and dedicated they truly are! I am filled with so much gratitude to have permission to fundraise for this cause💕 and to have so much support from Sayulita in doing so! 

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PD: We are happy to announce that the fundraiser dar exceeded it's $60,000MXN goal and raised over $75,000MXN, not including online donations!

Article written by guest writer Emily Glos who was so generous to host the benefit for Casa Esperanza at her massage studio. You can book with her here.

As Casa Esperanza has a anonymous location, please contact them via their website for information on how to support their cause: