December 19, 2023 Zoey Glavicich 0Comment


Why do I feel so at peace here? A connection. A belonging. A life-force energy pulsing through every fiber of my being.

Why am I so content journeying through the plain of snakes and royal eagles?

Even more puzzling, why have I never felt this connection and belonging in my home country?

I may never untangle the answers to these inevitably unanswerable questions.

But what I do know is this:

This land and its people have activated a long-dormant part of my soul. Mexico has captivated and enchanted, stirred and awoken, and rendered me breathless time and time again.

It is a nation of resounding and unending celebration. Celebration for the day, for family, for faith, and for the grueling march through life itself.

No other part of the world has made me feel so small, so unwise. Nowhere else on Earth has made me reevaluate my own life more.

I feel a new foundation unfurling—slowly letting my old scaffolding crumble away.

I have recognized this feeling of connection, of belonging, almost instantly.

So, thank you, Mexico and to all of its beautiful inhabitants. Thank you for
accepting me—wholly and completely.

Thank you for this undeniable gift that is arduous to explain to others.May Mexico continue to leave indelible marks on all those who are listening
closely enough to hear the whispers and the teachings.

And may those who aren’t lucky enough to understand any of this yet, one day muster the curiosity to come and revel in the cobblestone streets until the pink dawn of morning, from which the breathtaking poem will finally reveal itself.