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Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
We are Craig and Sonya Diangson. Sonya and I both grew up in San Jose, California.  Both come from hard working families and have been working since we were 13 years old. Sonya has a background in business and I have a background in general contracting.  We spend 11 months of the year in Sayulita and the other month at our home in South Lake Tahoe, California. We have two daughters, Kali (5) and Kami (2). 

How did you first land in Sayulita?
Sonya’s Grandfather owned a hotel in Guyabitos that is still in the family. Sonya has been coming here since she was a young girl and we started coming down together about 13 years ago.  We loved the culture, vibe and people of the town. So 4 years ago we made the permanent move and bought a house at our current location.

What about Sayulita inspired you to stay and start your business here?

Like everyone, one visit to Sayulita and the vibes reel you in. The great people, food and geography are so inviting. The local amenities as well as the beautiful surrounding jungle areas of the beach town made this the ideal location to live in our 40’s and raise our two daughters. 

How did you get into the business?
We bought two golf carts 18 months ago and people started knocking on our front door, asking if we rented them. From there we just took advantage of the interest shown and expanded pretty quick. We didn’t plan on starting a golf cart company, but we realized we could provide a really good experience to share not only the town but it’s surrounding areas as well! 

What about your services sets you apart from others?
We’re family owned and try to provide an honest service to our great customers. We guarantee all of our rentals and show them cool recommendations of places that we really enjoy and that they seem to enjoy as well. We try to maintain our vehicles in the best shape and provide rentals at an affordable price. We understand that each guest is in town for a great experience, and we appreciate that they are spending their hard earned money with us. We try to go above and beyond to make sure they have a great time. 

What can a client expect when renting from you?
We have premier vehicles and maintain them the best as we possibly can. We provide an honest, trustworthy, and affordable service and are always willing to help and accommodate our guests. 

What kind of services do you provide?
Golf cart, SXS and Moto rental. 

Any client memories in Sayulita you can share with us?
Not one in particular, but the daily experience of meeting people from literally all around the world. The majority of them are kind and so thankful that they get to experience such an amazing place. We’ve had such great interactions and love to see the sense of fulfillment they get after exploring the town on one of our rentals.  

Anything else you would like to add?
We would just like to thank all of our great customers for helping us make Kaliva an established Sayulita company.  Without the repeat business and great reviews, we wouldn’t have been able to grow.  We would also like to thank the town and the local people for being so kind to us and embracing not only our family, but Kaliva as well. THANK YOU!!!

You can contact Craig and Sonya here!