August 15, 2023 Natalia Reca 0Comment

El Espresso, a cherished Sayulita institution since May 11th, 2004, under the ownership of Simona Gomez, has carved out a remarkable legacy and proudly stands as one of the original establishments in Sayulita. Rooted in the heritage of a local Sayulita family, this establishment has organically become an integral part of the community. Their dedication to embracing local resources resonates strongly, with a significant portion of their produce grown on their very own ranch.

Simona, a true Sayulita native who has witnessed the evolving chapters of this vibrant town, has been the guardian of El Espresso's legacy, preserving its renowned name through the changing times. Simona's cherished haven 'Rancho Primavera,' is nestled just beyond Sayulita en route to Punta Mita. It's here, at the ranch, where they nurture organic chickens that lay the breakfast eggs gracing the tables of El Espresso.


El Espresso extends beyond being a mere coffee destination, it's an open invitation to fully engage with the pulsating heart of Sayulita. Here, perched at the bar, you'll find yourself captivated by a front-row view of Sayulita's vibrant essence, where the heartbeat of local life unfolds before your eyes. Make sure to visit El Espresso for Breakfast, lunch, or Dinner.