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I have a goofy, sometimes anxious, easily-excited young dog named Kona. When it came time for me to choose where to take my pup for her first vet appointment here in Sayulita, I was a bit apprehensive. My girl tends to be a giant baby when it comes to going to the vet. As many pet owners can relate, my dog does all of the classic, nervous, “I know I’m at the vet” behaviors: the overly loud fake yawns, the whining, whimpering, and non-stop wiggling butt. Although sometimes comical, this situation is often just as stressful and uncomfortable for the pet owner as it is for the pet.

However, when I got to Veterinarian of Sayulita, all of my fears (and Kona’s, too,) melted away. I chose Veterinarian of Sayulita due to the glowing recommendations I received about Noelia and Jose from numerous community members, and they all turned out to be true. It couldn’t have been more of a pleasant experience! My dog was happy and calm, and Noelia was gentle and caring while taking care of her. Veterinarian of Sayulita is now my go-to spot for all things for my pet.

 They have recently changed locations, so I asked Jose and Noelia to tell me about their experience and what their new location can do for us and our furry friends here in Sayulita.

Noelia and Jose, where are you originally from, and when did you first come to Sayulita to open up the Veterinarian of Sayulita?

We are from Compostela. We arrived here in Sayulita sixteen years ago, and first opened the Veterinarian of Sayulita on June 1st of 2002.

Wow! You have been in business here a long time. I understand that Veterinarian of Sayulita has changed locations; your store used to be located on Calle Jose Mariscal, and is now on Calle Mirimar across from the library. Why did you change locations?

We have been in five different locations since we first started! The first change of address was because the owners wanted to remodel their property. The second was because the property was rented to the Hafa hotel. The third change was because we were looking to increase the space of our business, and this last change was because the property was sold and we were no longer accepted as tenants.

It seems that even with all of the changes in location, you have maintained a strong reputation here in Sayulita and your business has adapted well. What do you like the best about the new location of Veterinarian of Sayulita on Mirimar?

We have the best location for many reasons. First, it is a lot easier for customers to find parking. We are on a quieter street on the Northside of town, so our store is easy to access. Next, the interior space is much larger than before, so it has been possible to increase the variety and quantity of products sold in the store to better serve our customers.

How did you know that working with animals was your passion and something you wanted to do?

I think it has become a passion for me just recently. Honestly, for me it was just a job at first, but now I can truly say that I have become a lot more sensitive to the suffering of animals; I love helping them. A few years before I came here, my wife and I lived on my ranch, and that is where we first started working with animals of all different types. She has been involved with caring for animals since then. I think that since then we began to learn about different animals’ needs and the type of care we can offer them.

What do you specialize in regarding the services you offer for our pets in Sayulita?

We work with all kinds of pets, but we mostly see dogs. However, we also will work with farm animals. In addition to selling quality animal products, toys, and foods here at Veterinarian of Sayulita, we also do dog grooming and baths. The things we most commonly see animals for are consultations when they might be sick, and prescribing or selling medicine. We also see animals that require cosmetic needs, and we even do some surgeries.

What do you like the best about working with animals?

When I can understand an animal’s gestures of pain, or whatever they may be feeling, it makes me feel like I really have a type of communication and connection with them. That is what I love the most.

It is clear that Noelia and Jose at Veterinarian of Sayulita are passionate, caring, dedicated, qualified, and very experienced. Kona and I love going to see Jose and Noelia. Make sure to check out their new location on Miramar street across from the library—it is large, comfortable, clean, inviting, and fully stocked with all kinds of fun, new products for your favorite furry pet.

Written by Aanya Sheik-Taheri