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Have you ever heard the expression “Everything but the kitchen sink”? If not, it’s an expression that implies that you use any and everything you have available in your kitchen (besides the sink, of course) to create a meal. This means anything and everything goes in terms of what ingredients you use! I have heard the expression used before for cookies, but today I wanted to call this column “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Frittata! As long as you have eggs and cheese in your fridge, the sky's the limit as to what you can use to make this very yummy breakfast frittata. It is easy to make in your Sayulita kitchen, and delicious!

For this frittata I used the following ingredients:

-4 organic eggs (*I always buy organic eggs at our Friday Mercado del Pueblo here in Sayulita)

-Manchego de Cabra cheese, or goat cheese (*This is a delicious cheese that is tasty, and grates and melts very well. I buy my round of cheese at Mega in Bucerias. Of course you can use any cheese in your fridge as long as it grates and melts.)

-Cooked and sliced Italian sausage. (*I also buy this at our Friday market. They are excellent and are sold by the Italian group that also sells delicious pizza, sliced porchetta, and prosciutto. Their products are really great quality.)

-Caramelized onions that were left over from another meal

-Mung bean sprouts (*Fabiola and Roberto grow these sprouts. I ALWAYS have a container of these in the fridge. I buy them by the container; they are crunchy and burst in your mouth. Fabiola and Roberto also use their sprouts to make the most delicious sandwiches, special sauces, and salads that they also sell.)

-Basil pesto (*I make my own pesto at home from the beautiful, fresh, organic basil that the woman outside the Friday market always sells. If you have a food processor, throw a few almonds and garlic cloves into the processor bowl and grind up until you have very small pieces. Then add the fresh basil, and grind again until the basil has been processed into small bits. Add organic extra virgin olive oil to the processor bowl, adding until you get the consistency that you prefer.This freezes beautifully, so I always have basil pesto on hand. The Costco in Puerto Vallarta sells great organic olive oil.)

-Milk or cream

-Salt and pepper to taste


I used the above ingredients, but you can add anything that you have in your fridge: veggies, different meats, cooked shrimp, etc. Remember, everything but the kitchen sink!


  1. Scramble the eggs on medium heat, and add a bit of milk or cream and salt and pepper to taste.
  2. In a non-stick sauté pan, melt a nice chunk of butter, then pour the eggs into the pan and cook until the eggs are set. (*To help the eggs cook faster, I lift up an edge and let the not-set egg pour under the other eggs.)
  3. When eggs are set, sprinkle cheese over the entire surface.
  4. Next, add the meat and pesto in small blobs, and then sprinkle the sprouts over the surface. (*I sometimes sprinkle a bit more grated cheese over the top, and then cover with any lid that covers the sauté pan, and heat on low until the cheese is melted.)

I served this with my homemade Focaccia and Shishito Peppers. You can find my Focaccia recipe in my column from April 25th, 2018, linked here, and the Shishito Peppers from my March 20th, 2019 column, linked here. This is a wonderful, light meal that is always personalized and oh so yummy!

Look out for my next column of Mexican Chorizo and Ground Beef Meatballs. They are fantastic.

I am only available for your orders of appetizers and special desserts for three more weeks, so if you want something, please contact me through my Sayulita Life Webpage. I love hearing your questions and comments!


*Written by: Karina Shecter