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Tierra Viva restaurant has been serving up delicious food in Sayulita for more than ten years. Although at times under different ownership and with different appearances, one thing has always remained the same; the incredible menu. Now Tierra Viva is offering sushi delivery so that you can stay home and stay safe during this time. Tierra Viva owners Charlie and Melanie describe some of their tasty dishes, how you can place orders, and what extra measures they are taking in their restaurant in order to keep our pueblo safe.

How long has Tierra Viva been serving the community of Sayulita? 

Tierra Viva has been in Sayulita for many years (more than ten years) under different ownership and different appearances. We have been operating the restaurant since 2014, and we hope to enjoy many more years providing Sayulita residents and guests with fond food memories.

How are you ensuring your restaurant stays clean and safe during this time while preparing and delivering food?

We adhere to the food industry’s established best practices in the kitchen at all times. Several of the kitchen staff are graduates from culinary schools, where kitchen hygiene is specifically part of the curriculum. Our food preparation and service areas are cleaned and disinfected often. All of our food items are stored properly, abiding by all health codes and standards. In the present due to the pandemic of COVD-19, we have cordoned off the restaurant area, so clients are not able to enter the restaurant. Tables are placed at the entrance, where a waiter will greet guests and can take orders for take away or delivery. Our waiters and kitchen staff have a degree of separation, in order to ensure all food stays safe. Additionally, all of our staff have been provided with washable face coverings and disposable gloves for even extra prevention.

What types of sushi do you have on your menu?

We are serving nigiri (shrimp, tuna, and salmon) and a selection of maki rolls that people will probably be familiar with, such as the spicy tuna roll, the dragon roll, and the rainbow roll. We have ten different maki rolls available on the menu. We also have a selection of non-sushi items, such as kanikama mushroom caps, spicy tuna ceviche tacos, or the stuffed avocado, to name a few.

What are your favorite menu items?

The stuffed avocado is a fresh avocado formed around a ball of spicy tuna or marinated salmon; it is so yummy and is very popular. The rainbow or dragon rolls are also very popular sellers. I believe the entire selection of the sushi menu is strong; each item should be given a chance. People are creatures of habit, especially in their food orders. I advocate that each sushi selection should be tried at least once, and I’m sure that new favorites will be discovered.

What sorts of flavors do you use? Are they more traditional or a fusion?

I would say our sushi is made with traditional ingredients: proper rice, oils, vinegar, seasoning to provide fresh flavors, and traditional textures. Our traditional rolls don’t use cream cheese; we do offer a kiwi roll that is more of a dessert item, with strawberry, kiwi, cream cheese, and crispy shredded coconut.

Where do you source the majority of your ingredients?

We source our produce, fish, and shrimp from local providers. Not all ingredients for sushi are locally available, such as salmon and the various items such as sushi rice or seasoning specific to sushi, so those are purchased in Puerto Vallarta. One of the keys to good sushi is fresh, authentic ingredients, and fresh preparation.

How can people see your menu and place orders for delivery or take away?

Our full menu including our Sushi offerings can be accessed on our web page or through our Sayulita Life web page. Pick up and delivery options are both available. Phone orders can be placed by calling us at 329-291-3280. Orders can be placed directly at the restaurant as well. With our revised hours, orders can be placed between 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days per week. Orders of 400 pesos or more have free delivery, and orders under 400 pesos have a 40 peso delivery charge. We can’t wait for you to try it!


*Written by Aanya Sheikh-Taheri