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Destilería Cerdo Negro is the first and only distillery located here in Sayulita. Cerdo Negro Distillery specializes in quality whisky, gin, and whiskey cream, all 100% made in Sayulita. You can enjoy their products in Cerdo Negro’s tasting room by appointment, purchase their bottles at Sayulita’s local Friday Market, or sip on a beverage at several of Sayulita’s local bars and restaurants. Owner and founder of Cerdo Negro, Chad Landis, tells readers more about the distillery and unique products.

When did Destileria Cerdo Negro first open?

Destileria Cerdo Negro went through years of fine-tuning to create our great products. Our first batches of whisky were made in 2014. We continually adjusted recipes through the official licensing and opening of Cerdo Negro in 2018. We now have three excellent spirits, and are always tweaking to create the perfect sip. I started this company with the idea of making high-quality spirits from locally sourced ingredients in this incredible location. I hope the products reflect just how special this place is.

What makes Destileria Cerdo Negro unique?

We are the first and only distillery in Sayulita! Our leading product is an excellent whisky made from native corn; it is distilled twice and aged at sea-level in new American white oak barrels. 

What sort of products/services do you offer to guests? 

We have three excellent products available: Whisky, gin, and a whisky cream. The Cerdo Negro Sour Mash Whisky is modeled after some of the great sour mash bourbon whiskies, but still distinctly Mexican; it is distilled twice and then goes into the barrel at 62.5% alcohol. Our Jabali Ginebra (Gin) uses the Mexican sourced botanicals of Hibiscus and Tamarind. It really captures the freshness of both the surrounding jungle and the ocean. The gin is distilled four times and then charcoal filtered. Our Cuino (Whisky Cream) is made by mixing our own Cerdo Negro whisky with cream, vanilla, and espresso. It is perfect on ice, in coffee, on ice cream, just about anytime or anywhere! We also offer tastings by appointment only due to the size of our facility. Our bottles can be purchased at the Friday Farmer’s market. 

How would you describe Destileria Cerdo Negro in three words? 

“Destilado para Disfrutar “, or “Distilled to Enjoy.”

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know?

Readers can check out our website and social media for frequent updates, drink recipes, and info on our products. 

You can also find more information about Cerdo Negro or make an appointment for a tasting on their Sayulita Life listing.