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Sayulita serves as the perfect backdrop for photography, whether it is a family shoot, individual portraits, a special event, or photos of vacation homes or local businesses. The only thing better than a place with lots of sunshine, picturesque beaches, lush jungle & vegetation, and bright, bold colors, is a professional, skilled photographer who can beautifully capture all of these elements! Camilla Fuchs is that photographer. With professional experience in surf, family portraits, weddings & special events, and real estate photography, Camilla can do it all here in Sayulita to preserve and capture your Sayulita moments.

Camilla is currently offering photography specials here in Sayulita. She has a special of 20% off for all shoots booked before the end of April 2021. She is also offering a deal for real estate shoots for multiple property owners -- if you book two property shoots, she will shoot the third for free. Here is the story of how Camilla ended up in Sayulita and what her work is all about.

Originally from Austria, Camilla left her home country when she was just 16 years old with a curiosity and desire to explore the world as a teenager. “I have since lived and worked many different jobs in 10 different countries. In 2009, I finally arrived in Mexico,” she shares.

Camilla first started her photography career taking photos of surfers in Costa Rica in 2008. Costa Rica was a great place for her to practice and improve her skills, as it has many sought-after surf spots. 

She first started her journey in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta before discovering Sayulita. She did not move right away, but instead chose to play it by ear and see how it went. She first lived in PV and would commute daily to Sayulita. On these trips, she took pictures and sold her photos to surfers. “Sayulita was a very quiet place back then. There weren’t a lot of people. It was an amazing experience to see Sayulita like that.”

While later living in Baja California Sur, she got into landscape photography and started exploring the possibility of getting into Real Estate Photography. And she did! But after four years of living in Los Cabos, she realized that Sayulita was still calling her. Camilla answered that call, and in 2014, she moved to Sayulita with her partner. She considers this as one of the best decisions of her life, and after 6 years, she is still living and loving the Sayulita life!

From surf photography, landscape, and Real Estate, Camilla added corporate events, family portraits, and weddings to the roster of her skill set.“Sayulita has the perfect backdrop for every type of photography I’d say! I absolutely love discovering special places for photoshoots. I get a kick out of taking people, families, or couples to “secret” places off the beaten path. But even the main beach or right downtown is wonderful and super nice for photoshoots if you go there at the right time.”

Camilla’s clients are mostly visitors from the USA and Canada who want to bring home some memories from their trip to Sayulita. She is also working with some local companies in Sayulita in taking professional photos for businesses and campaigns. “The community has helped me a lot to grow as a photographer since I moved here a little over 6 years ago. I get recommended as a photographer by a lot of locals which helps me tremendously.”

Of course, we wanted to know the best part about living in Sayulita as a photographer. “I really enjoy working here in Sayulita. It’s just very picturesque. Whether it’s the town itself, the beach, the jungle, the sunsets, and sunrises, there is beauty everywhere, and as a nature lover and photographer that makes me very happy!”

To contact Camilla or book her services, please contact her via her Sayulita Life web page.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri