April 26, 2021 sayulitablog 0Comment

Whether you rent in Sayulita, own your own home, or manage vacation rentals, we all know how expensive our electricity bills can get, especially in our hot and humid months when we might be running the air conditioning longer than normal. After a couple of eye-popping electricity bills, like me, you may have tried different things to try to reduce your use of appliances and air conditioning units in order to lower costs. However, sometimes, it is just unavoidable to have cool air constantly running to keep people comfortable. Luckily, Cuby Aria in Sayulita presents a very logical solution: smart air-conditioning management systems.  

Cuby Aria in Sayulita offers innovative technology that allows owners to control all aspects of A/C use and up to 60% of power consumption. Cuby Aria is a combination of both hardware and an application that is designed for you to have complete control of your A/C systems, and it's very easy to operate.

The system is very easy to use and it works with almost any type of air conditioning unit. All you have to do is “set it”, and then you can “forget it” as it does the work for you. Furthermore, the smart air-conditioning system pays itself back in no time, as you will see immediate results in lower electricity bills.

Some of the key functions it can perform are that it allows setting a lower and upper temperature limit to prevent users from setting extremely low temperatures. This comes in handy for those with vacation rental homes in particular or for when one might have guests on vacation staying in their unit. This keeps from the A/C being run at too cold of a temperature for a long period. Additionally, it is also integrated with window and presence sensors so the A/C will actually turn off when it stops detecting people in the room (after a configurable time). This means no leaving the A/C running during the day when people are out and about exploring Sayulita’s streets or at the beach for the day. There is also a specific night mode that one can use to set a range of hours in which the control will work differently in order to prevent the A/C from turning off while one is sleeping.

For someone who used to have electricity bills equal to the rent of an apartment in Sayulita, Cuby Aria is a life-saver. There really is nothing else like it on the market to help monitor A/C use in such an easy way.

Contact Cuby Aria today to install your own smart A/C management system, and start seeing lower monthly electricity bills right away.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri