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Each year, Sayulita is more of an attractive idea for those looking for a change in lifestyle or wanting to relocate and start over in paradise. Often, the house-hunting or buying market can feel overwhelming, especially if you are doing so as a foreigner. While there can be many questions and challenges, Mexico Home Financing in Sayulita offers all of the support needed to help during this process. With financing options available for foriegn buyers, Mexico Home Financing helps make the goal of moving to paradise that much more attainable. Owner Josh Serrano walks us through the ways Mexico Home Financing is here to help.

How do you help foreigners that are looking to buy land or a home here in Sayulita? 

Traditionally there has been little to no financing options available to foreigners looking to purchase real estate in Mexico. Furthermore, what loans were available often carried very unfavorable loan terms. Now, that has changed. At Mexico Home Financing, we work with Mexican based lenders that have both easy to qualify loans and great loan terms.

In addition to home purchases we also offer land purchase financing. We have in-house attorneys who thoroughly review all land and title documentation in both home and land transactions to make sure your investment is secure. Many of our clients come to us also seeking a realtor. We can assist in placing you with a reputable realtor/agency who truly knows the process and has your best interest in mind. This is a very important factor to be aware of in Sayulita.

In your experience, what are people's biggest fears or concerns in buying land or property in Sayulita? How can your services help to combat these fears? 

Number one is the fear of the unknown. Buying real estate in general can be an intimidating process, especially when buying in a foreign country. Furthermore, buying real estate in Sayulita can be tricky due to title issues. There are many factors to consider and sort through from the legal side. This can all be handled and taken care of by our attorneys so that our clients can rest assured that their best interest is always a number one priority. 

The second largest fear clients tend to have is the worry about the amount of capital that one must invest. As mentioned before, the vast majority of foreign buyers historically had to pay all cash up until recently. That can be very burdensome, if not downright impossible for many. With our services, we can finance up to 70% of the purchase of the sales price, therefore opening the door to endless buyers who were unable to purchase their Mexico dream home in the past.

What would you say to people who are considering buying a home in Sayulita, but don’t know where to start?

Sayulita is my primary home. I choose to be here not only because it is a fun, vibrant, and exciting place to live, but because the opportunities and ROI are tremendous. I am a local business owner who apart from financing, owns a separate, large, well-known business here in town that puts me in daily contact with people visiting our pueblo. By and large, they all say the same thing to me, "we can't wait to be back in Sayulita", or "we would love to live here". I tell them all the same thing, “you CAN live here. Flights to the US are constant and reasonably priced. The cost of living here as compared to the states is embarrassingly much less. However, the quality of life here is much, much, greater.”

Whether you are interested in purchasing to relocate or as an investment/vacation home, Sayulita will fill all your needs.

Is there anything specific you want people to know about the business?

As a dual citizen American myself, I have over 17 years of US based mortgage financing experience that continues to this day. I know the expectations our clients have and understand their needs. The process here in Sayulita is not much different, apart from a few minor things. It can be nerve wracking in making the decision to invest in Mexico, but we will hold your hand every step of the way.

To contact Mexico Home Financing and to get started on your journey of investing in your dream home, visit their Sayulita Life web page.

Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri