December 2, 2023 Zoey Glavicich 0Comment

Hi! Can you introduce yourselves?

Hi! Our names are Chris, Jake, Angel and Victor. With our powers combined, we are Wave Audio!

How did you all meet?

We all met over 20 years ago growing up in San Diego, California. While each of us had very different upbringings, the love of music brought us together from an early age and has kept us together as best friends ever since. 

What brought you to Sayulita and what made you decide to move here?

We’ve all been traveling to Mexico since a young age but we hadn’t heard about Sayulita until the end of 2020 when one of our friends who was living here invited us to come visit and immerse ourselves in the unique vibe of the town. We immediately fell in love with the people and the place and came back for 2 more extended trips before realizing that Sayulita would be a great place for us to create an exciting new chapter together as a group of friends.

How did the idea of your business come about? Anything about Sayulita that inspired you?

Our love of music has led us to many beautiful places throughout the world but one thing we noticed about Sayulita is that while there is an abundance of musical energy throughout the town, the sound quality and equipment didn’t yet match the passion of the musical experiences as a whole. We knew that if we were able to bring our equipment here, we could enhance the overall experience by offering high quality sound solutions for every level of events. 

Previously to Wave Audio, have you all worked together before? 

Wave Audio is the latest of many projects that we have done together as a group of best friends over the years. Our primary project is GrooveWell; a dance music collective that unites our shared passion for elevated musical experiences and bringing a diverse community together, creating a collective safe space where we are all ONE through the love of music. This includes DJing, music production, event production and musical curation in clubs, festivals and a plethora of other unique environments throughout the world.

What are the services you offer, and what can a client expect when hiring you?

Our passion for quality musical experiences is directly connected to our commitment to premium service. We treat every event as if it’s our own and we take serious pride in our integrity. We offer speaker, DJ equipment and lighting rentals for small events all the way to festival size events. We also offer unique festival style packages for weddings and special events that can take any event to the next level. Our inventory has something for everyone and everything we offer is treated with the utmost care. When hiring us, you can expect the highest quality equipment in the area as well as consistency and professionalism throughout the entire process.

What about Wave Audio stands out from other similar businesses?

There are other businesses that offer speakers and audio equipment in the area, but what sets us apart is the level of quality in all regards. We have a large collection of premium speakers that produce the clearest audio experiences and while our services can be used by anyone, we specialize in dance parties and provide the latest professional DJ equipment as well as dynamic lighting options such as lasers and projection mapping. Above all, what sets us apart is our love and commitment to helping create truly memorable events through years of experience in clubs, unique venues and festivals as GrooveWell. 

Lastly, any great memories with clients you can tell us about?

One of our favorite memories was with a bachelor that came to town named Matt. His friends wanted to show him an amazing weekend for his bachelor party and brought small speakers and a DJ controller from the States. While Matt was definitely grateful for his friend’s effort, he wasn’t quite satisfied with the minimal equipment…It was his bachelor party after all, so he wanted to go big! Having learned about Wave Audio, he reached out to us and we were able to fulfill his wishes by providing premium quality audio and DJ equipment immediately. Being an up and coming DJ from the States, he had a strong desire to perform for his friends while in Sayulita and we were stoked to be able to give him the next level experience he was looking for, resulting in an epic bachelor party that he won’t be forgetting anytime soon!